August 29, 2011

The science of helping words

The below written lines are solely on the basis of my experiences & belief. Everyone is absolutely free to deny/agree to them :-)

I had used & still using helping words on the basis of feedback given by my mind to lessen the force/pressure to be exerted on difficult words or simply to avoid stammering during difficult situations.

To use helping words is basically an effort towards the tendency of hiding stammering, if said in a more clear way.

With course of time, i have developed a healthy treasure of helping words :-) which i use at various occasions as per suitability.These helping words had proved to be my best buddy during feared situations till yesterday.

Yesterday, a very strange thing happened.I was returning from my office; on the way to my room, i just tried bouncing with a stranger as directed by Dr.Sachin to understood the basics of Bouncing technique properly.

I was practicing it since last few days with same very question to each & every stranger-DDDDost Time kya hua hai.

But yesterday while asking the same question to a stranger, i observed that i was asking - DDDDDDDost abhi Exact Time kya hua hai.

After the question answer session with that person, i realized that i used the Helping Word "EXACT" unconsciously.I just used it as i was afraid that i would face a long forceful block at TTTTTTTTTTIME.

So my mind just pushed me to use this helping word even without get noticed by my consciousness.

It was amazing as well as strange.I just noticed this very nature of my speaking habit only yesterday after so many years, thanks to my quest for conscious living these days :-)

Now onward, I wish to use all those helping words consciously to check whether the situation is really so feared or it is just a mind game :-)


Satyendra said...

Hummm.. you are becoming more and more conscious day by day- and this is why you are noticing the things, which you may have done without realizing all these years. Mind's first reaction now will be: OMG, my speech is becoming worse since I started all this self help and Vipassana! I am better off without them!
Watch against this tendency and carry on. Once you become aware of a particular mind game, it becomes easy to deal with it..

Er. Umesh said...

Very good write up Ashish! Every time I read your blogs, It gives me immense knowledge to understand my own mind and feelings. It really very genuine and from deep of heart. I think no one can understand his mind better than you. Thanks for sharing!

Priya said...

that was very informative..
thankx for sharing...where can I know more about helping words ?