August 7, 2011

Power of 1+1+1...

Dear Friends,
The Chennai chapter meeting held on 7.8.2011 at YWCA were attended by 15 PWS including 3 new ones. I conducted this meeting differently from the previoue ones as every one needed some change in the agenda. I conducted this meeting based on the one day training program I attended in my organization. I will write down in sequence order so that other SHG also may follow.

!. First we told our name loudly with hands hitting air with pride in the heart. We told our name with vibrant. Yes. We have to be proud of our names.
2. Then we practiced power meditation for 5 min. The power meditation is, every one has to close their eyes (except the coordinator) for 5 min. The coordinator has to tell slowly 25...24...23...22.......1...0...with 10 sec gap for each count. After the meditation, every body felt very refreshing.
3. Then, I prepared 7 pair of slips marked 1,1...2,2...7,7 and asked everyone to take one slip. Those pair who got the same number have to discuss themselves for 10 min and then talk about their partners. This is to avoid always talking about ourselves only. To every one surprise, lot of new information came to the light.
4. In tea break, we had Gulab Jamun, Samosa, Kichadi and Tea.
5. After tea break, we discussed about NC to be held at Bhubaneswar. So far, about 5 PWS confirmed there willingness to attend NC along with their wives. Since it is too early, the final confirmation will be known only in the month of Oct.
6. Then, about 4 pws told stories.
7. After that, I explained about the acceptance of stammering to the new pws and the first step is as soon as they returned back home, they have to explain about Chennai chapter meeting.
8. At last, we shouted one by one by saying " I will overcome stammering".

After attending the above meeting, one PWS has informed that he intended to resign his job and also booked ticket to go back to his home, has changed his mind and informed that he will cancel the ticket, stay in the job and will fight against stammering. That is the power of SHG.

That's all from Chennai.


(Editor: Yes, that is the power of a Group! Thanks Mani. Someone in your group, should help me with posting the proceedings, on the blog here. Send me his email ID and I will facilitate that.)


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J P Sunda said...

Chennai group has always been a motivation to rest of us! And I really like your snacks menu :-)

Ashish Agarwal said...

my best wishes to Chennai SHG...

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That'why chennai is the best SHG.