August 25, 2011

My Journey

Hello friends,
People, all kinds of people, of different religions, caste, and other backgrounds have numerous kinds of problems. I, also, like every other normal
person have some difficulties, problems which I need to face daily. One of those problems, or in other words, we can say, a kind of illness with
me is stammering, or stuttering. Well, to be honest, this thing is incurable. People generally have wrong perceptions about stammering. They
think it is a habit, or people stammer only when they are nervous, anxious,etc. But this is not the truth. It can definitely be managed and
controlled with speech therapy, which I took and a lot of practice. Due to my stammering I wasted half my life trying to save my life from
challenging and tricky situations almost everyday. Then, I happened to attend this workshop in Herbertpur, and I met some wonderful
people(students) who also stammer just like me. We learned some very useful techniques(bouncing, prolongation, pull-out, cancellation to name a few)
and we also applied these in the outside world talking with strangers and so on. One lesson that I learned from this 3 day workshop is that no
matter what happens, whatever challenges come through, we must learn to accept it and always keep a positve mindset towards life. As they
say- "Life is precious, don't waste it". Well personally, for me, this workshop has benefited a lot, and I look forward to attending more such
workshops and SHG meetings in the near future.
Well, its goodbye for now, will come back soon.

Posted by,
Sourav Atha


lalit said...

very true ...ur story is same as mine, i also had same feeling when i attend my first workshop in thing iam sure that quality of life get improves and some time i feels iam living better life than a non stammerer.
so keep attending workshop.......

Satyendra said...

Congratulations and Thanks, Sourav!