August 7, 2011

Bouncing with Strangers

It was about 6.30 pm in the evening, Ashish , a PWS was on his way from office to his room. After getting out of factory gate, feeling a bit relaxed & cheerful (confirmed salary for 1 more day of boring work :-) greeting gate keepers, other known persons, he was on his way to his room.

Suddenly, he remembered the assignment given by Dr.Sachin to talk to 2 strangers per day using bouncing techniques on easy alphabets.

As he had to cover only 300-400 meters of distance to enter his residential colony area. So, he had to hurry to choose what to ask & from whom to ask.

So, looking at the faces of all those strangers, he picked a young man of his age to ask the exact time, pretending to update the same in his own mobile. Although it was a good conversation without much uneasy facial expressions of either the stranger or ashish himself, but he was not able to have complete control on his speech. Even he didn’t remember on which alphabets he bounced. The as usual sense of hurry overlaps his thought process totally. Although it was just a practice conversation for him, failing at which was not going to cost him anything, still ashish was looking in a hurry to complete his question as like most of the times.

The similar kind of story happened when he bounced with 3 other strangers in those 2 days.
Anyways, Ashish had decided to continue this approach of bouncing with 2 strangers a day for few more days, with sincere efforts to make it in more controlled & relaxed way.


sachin said...

Great! But you must plan it ahead: I am going to bounce on T sound in "time".. Like "Jara T-T-Time batan yar.."

In spite of planning, unexpected things may happen- which is okay. But still planning should be one as a part of psychological preparation, for something, which most PWS find intimidating...

Dont give up on this important step- till you have mastered bouncing easily and gracefully- with eye-contact and gentle smile on your face..

Ashish Agarwal said...

yes sir...

J P Sunda said...

Great Ashish! if you can act and improve like this, even sky is not the limit!