July 16, 2011

Families at Conference

Dear all,

I intend to come to the conference with my family members(mom, dad, brother and two cousin sisters :-) I just wanna know from you whether anyone of you also plan to do the same ?

Actually from my interaction with a lot of parents, I have learned that parents and our family members too suffer silently, as much as we do if not more! It would be a great healing for them too to be at the conference and not just meet pws but their family members and see that they too are not alone!!
We will also plan activities and outings for family members, if we have sufficient number of registrations (which I am sure we will :-)

waiting for your responses!



Ra..Ra..Raja said...

hi JP...i will be coming with Rajee..."Holiday be hojayega"

Satyendra said...

Difficult to get Marian out. So, cant come with my "family" - but I am sure I will find my "family" there- brothers, sisters and lots of friends..

@ Raja- yes, it will be lots of FUN- for both of you. Do come..