June 30, 2011

On The Lighter Side

Humor is something that no one can have enough of.And if you are anything like me,a person with a good sense of humor would also attract you a lot.No one likes to talk to a person who gets upset at the slightest thing.I personally cant be good friends with a person who is serious all the time and cant take a joke the healthy way.this is evident from the fact that all my friends just wait for an opportunity to make fun of each other.(Though they have never made fun of my stutter probably due to my discomfort on this topic.)

Most of you would be thinking that I have gone crazy as i am supporting the idea of making fun of my stammering where on one hand we have filed a case on Golmaal 3 for the same reason.Well I strictly oppose humor which is derogatory to anyone.What Golmaal 3 did was derogatory for the stuttering community.

The saying humor is the best medicine applies to stuttering as well.Think about it.How relaxed you would feel while giving a speech if you started with an opener like"i know I am supposed to give a 4 minute speech but I only prepared a 2 minute one as I expect my stutter to fill in the rest."This one-liner solves 3 purposes-"You break the tension within.You innocently acknowledge that you stutter.you put the audience in a relaxed state of mind.

Also there are various funny situations in your everyday life arising because of your stutter.The following link gives tons of such real life incidents.I had a good time reading all of them last night and I promise you will enjoy them too.http://www.mnsu.edu/comdis/kuster/humor.html

I also want to share 2 such incidents of mine-
1)A night before the exam,I went to the college market to buy something.When I started to say the name,I blocked very very severely and started jerking my head and shaking my whole body in an effort to get the word out.After giving me the item the shopkeeper said"I cant believe you are drunk even during exams.Try to not to drink alcohol atleast during examinations"I smiled and said"i will keep that in mind"

2)Once me and my friend were going somewhere in his car and I was giving directions.Now at a junction i thought I had to turn left so I started stammering L-L-L but then I realized we actually had to go right.So what came out was L-L-L- Right.My friend replied"Dude !!!! Atleast stammer Grammatically"It was the first time I just couldnt control my laughter and seeing me laugh my friend also started laughing uncontrollably.He had to stop the car as we just couldnt control ourselves."

What I believe is that humor is acceptance i action and that too an advanced stage of acceptance.Laughing at your own stammer takes guts but once you do it,you experience a feeling like never before.


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J P Sunda said...

hahahahaha. Dhruv, now y don't you share it with Dr Judith, so that she can put both of ur experiences on the same link that you have shared. If you are interested, mail me I will introduce you to Dr Judith!

Dhruva Kathuria said...

@J.P.-Sure Sir you can introduce me to Dr Judith,I would love to contribute !!!!!!

Sikander said...

Very nice Dhruv, I am now fan of writing, please keep posting. Once someone told me that 'Apne aap par hasna bhi bahut badi baat hoti hai'.

Dhruva Kathuria said...

Thankyou sikander,such appreciation really motivates me a lot !!!!