June 23, 2011

My name is Shorn and I am a person working on my Stammer

Mobile: 8089619366
Email : shaunjacob1986@gmail.com
Blog  : isstutter.blogspot.com


sachin said...

Shorn, you have a rich resonant voice, clear accent and great face! You just have to start looking people in to the eyes! Boldly!
It takes great courage to put up your video on the web. So, you are a courageous person. No doubt.
At the end, I know, many vieweres will ask: But where is the stammer, for God's sake? :-)
Give us more!

Shorn Jacob said...

Sir, that was surely a controlled environment with myself, so no stammer. I will surely try to record stressfull speech conditions or bouncing. I was looking to my own eyes.:-)

I am Santosh said...

Great shron.
Truely inspirational. Thinking of putting my own. But dont know if im hving that much courage. :(

Anonymous said...

Courage comes by doing..never by waiting..

Shorn Jacob said...

Santhosh, Go On.
I was just thinking like talking in an SHG, while putting this up.