January 1, 2009

TISA Delhi Contacts

Abhishek 9873492722
Vishal 8447882161
Jitender 7503189365
Sikandar 9810654407

Lalit 9911566740 lalit.pandey99@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

My name is Neeraj S. Saxena, i m 40 year old and doing business and also ex- national level sportsmen, my problem is stammering and i am want to do some work on school going kids and teens because i feel that if child treated in there growing age we can control 60% stammering child to face shame in there coming time.

Unknown said...

hi everybody, i'm Gurpreet Singh Randhawa and an Electronics & Communication Engineer. I'm an ex-stammer and i want to help those people, who are suffering from this disorder. i will be available during Sundays and i'm very excited for coming Delhi meeting. i would share my experience with others and provide them good tips , how to kick stammering from theirs' mind.
Er.Gurpreet Singh Randhawa
ph: 0091-9350131069

Pawas Anand said...

Is there any event planned where we all can meet in Delhi / Gurgaon. I am willing lead this with some volunteers ??

Regards / Pawas

niraj dixit, 9412783111 said...

this is niraj dixit from meerut,u.p.,i am 29 yr. old and suffering from stammering since lasted memory..nice, to see such platform.i would like to join shg in delhi or better to start in meerut.would some speech therapy provided by stammering cure center in maihar or banglore,work.. my no is 9412783111

Anonymous said...

Hi if any of you provide me the address of some speech therapy center in delhi..

Anonymous said...

Hi Monty,

I'm karan, I was used to stammer, but if i tell you my experience, speech therapist will help you on temporary basis.

why to spend so much money, coz he'll chrage u 200 bugs just for 30 mins.. infact i can help u.. i can tell u wht all activities he will make u do..

and really it can reduce ur stammer to many extent.

Well i'm a software Engineer by profession and I want to join TISA and want to do real work to help this society.

This society matters a lot.

You can contact me at



J P Sunda said...

Dear Friends
TISA promotes self help through self help groups. These groups should be facilitated by an experienced PWS. One city can have more than one, in fact many SHGs depending on the numbers and locations. For the sake of flow of information, every city will have one TISA coordinator. For Delhi, it is Deepak Sanothra (9810656719).
Feel free to get in touch with Deepak.

Anonymous said...

Excellent help is provided by you to the people,who stammmers.If you have some meeting do give me an email.bhupenderjanmejai@yahoo.com

Bhupender Singh

J P Sunda said...

Please contact Nitin @ 98183 50799
to know about venue and timings for weekly meets of Delhi SHG

GIRI said...

I am k.giri from tirupathi(andhra pradesh).Iam studying b.tech 3rd and I want to from an self help group(SHG) in my town.can someone please suggest some idea's to from an SHG

J P Sunda said...

Hi Giri,

plz have a look at http://stammer.in/menu-self-help-groups.html . Also you can contact me @ 8149106117 or jaiprakashsunda@gmail.com

Aditya said...

hi! this is aditya and i sometimes stammer which indeed lowers my confident and makes meh dipressed.
Is ther any help i can get from here..!!

Anonymous said...

I am jaydeep looking for a source of hope for my stammering because it is making my life worseer than a hell .please need a help urgently My email id sarkar.jaydeep@yahoo.com ct.no09861876199

nitin said...

hi i am nitin luking for a source of hope for ma stamering,,coz it indeeds lower ma confidence...
is there any help to come out from this situation..
plz need a urgent help..
my email id is nitin.garg2116@gmail.com

lalit pandey said...

My name is Lalit Pandey..working as software engg. i want to attend tisa meting at delhi ,so plz inform me regarding this. and
Any one can send my mail id or contact number of tisa members(delhi chapter)
mail id -lalit.pandey99@gmail.com
contact no -9911566740

Anonymous said...

Hi , This is Shafeeq Zakariya here, I want to help others, want to start Communication Practising Class, So Everyone in Delhi/NCR Region can add me on shafeeq.pccs@gmail.com

Satyendra said...

Hi Shafeeek, Nitin, Lalit and others who have expressed desire to join / start SHG in Delhi. Leaving a comment was an act of courage. Now, you need to take second step: phone Nitin Tomer or Deepak Sanothra (phone numbers are there on blog or website)- fix a meeting and attend it. It seems difficult for the first time but once you do it- it becomes very EASY. Many are doing it across the country..

Unknown said...

Hi! I am tanmay rai. I have stammering since my childhood. now i am 19 years old and face many difficulties to communicate with others. please give me some effective tips or a good speach therapiest number so that i can remove this habbit.
my id is tanmayrai@gmail.com

Unknown said...

Hi!My name is Deepkaran Kohli. I have stammering since my childhood.I am 23 years old and face many difficulties to communicate especially in interview, and at workplace. please give me some effective tips or a good speech therapies t contact details so that i can remove this habit.
my id is deep2karan@gmail.com

Looking forward to hear from you all

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Rahul, suffering from stammering since my childhood.I had face so many problemsdue to stammering. so any one can help me and tell me the right speech therepy centre.Cntct no.7428907912

J P Sunda said...

Dear all,
Yes, stammering can be very frustrating! If you browse web, you will find a lot of good and helpful information. You can do the following to help yourself :
Number 1: dont feel alarmed.
Number 2: do something about it now, since you can see that your career can get affected by it..
Number 3: recovery from stammering is a long process. It takes about one year of hard work and constant counselling. Do you have such commitment? If not, DEVELOP IT!

Therapy for stammering involves a lot of things- working on your emotions/feelings, your speech, any emotional baggage that you may be carrying.

By the way do check out the self help manual @ http://stammer.in/menu-self-help-manual.html . There are a lot of exercises and activities that you can try!

You may also like this blog by a woman who stutters - http://stutterrockstar.wordpress.com/

Also check out www.stutteringhelp.org/Portals/English/Book_0012_tenth_ed.pdf and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8biSBPsoeg

Also keep checking our blog (http://t-tisa.blogspot.com/) and website (http://stammer.in/) to know about the next communication workshop and if possible attend one.

Most importantly have faith in yourself and your abilities. Everything will turn out well even though it may not look like that now...All of us have been their and have come out of that!!

Regarding interviews : Well,to tell you the truth,there is no short term miracle which will make your
stuttering magically go away in the interview.But here are a few tips
which will make you present better to the employers:-

1)Good eye contact-Always maintain eye contact even while
stuttering.Most stutterers have the habit of looking away or closing
their eyes while stuttering.Make a conscious effort to maintain decent
eye contact as this exhibits confidence.

2)Keep a smile throughout the interview-The other person will be as
uncomfortable with your stuttering as you make him.If you bear a smile
throughout the interview it will automatically make the interviewer
feel relaxed.This is a very important point.Dont make the other person
uncomfortable by being panicky yourself.

3)Keep avoidance at minimum-The more ahs-uhms or other helping words
you will insert in a bid to avoid stuttering the more you will project
yourself as a nervous under confident person.Dont avoid words and say
what you want to say in an affirmative tone.

Here are a few links you might find helpful :-

All the best for your interviews.Good luck and hoping to listen from you soon.


hi My name is mohit kumar from patna...i used to stammer since childhood....it really a worse prblm guys....it makes my life a hell...m trying myself to recover but its not getting in rite way...kindly cntact me my friend...

All stammers r my close friend.....i need ur help guys...call me or msg me...


munna khan said...

Hi all,

My name is afzal and I am stammering since childhood, I want to speak clearly please help me.


munna khan said...

Hi all,

My name is afzal and I am stammering since childhood, I want to speak clearly please help me.


amit said...

Aapko aur Aapke Parivaar ko bhi HOLI ki Hardik Shubhkamnaye...........

MY MOBILE NO IS 09654095060

I Have also problem of Stammerer.

yash said...

koi baat nhi dosto hm log jese b hai achhe h,or ise god gift smjho,yash

rishabh dobhal said...

My name is rishabh. i am 20 yrs old student. i am having this stammering problem since birth. And now I want to leave this.
plz help me

abhishek said...

yash and rishabh if you are in delhi please join the delhi shg meeting and give me your contact no.abhishek(9873492722).

gaurav said...


Plz help me my name is Gaurav. my age is 29 year. and i have problem of stammering last 15 years. plz any one help me.

Contact No. 9781694224

Anonymous said...

Hi, i would like to attend the delhi meetings,so please contact me whenever there is any meeting in delhi.
bhupender singh

Anshul said...

HELLO friends when will tisa meeting gona held in delhi plz let me know..?

J P Sunda said...

Hello Anshul. Please call - Sikandar 9810654407

Anonymous said...

My name is Iqbal. i am 23 yrs old student. i am having this stammering problem since birth. And now I want to leave this.
plz help me

Rupesh said...

everybody, I am Rupesh Jha from Delhi 32 Year old, have stammering problem since childhood. want to remove this. Please help me. My Email--rupesh.jha1975@gmail.com, 9312172577

Anonymous said...


Myself Ajay I am a minor stammer, I want to cure it.

I residence of delhi Need suggestion over my stammer habit how can i cure it.


Anonymous said...

hey.. i am prabhat verma a mechanical engineer i stammer since i was 8 year old now i m looking for a job but couldent find yet. i will try hard for this. i want to cure my stammering plz help..

Anonymous said...

hi i am suraj from delhi.. i also have stammering problem.. i need help..pls contact me on 9582052348..

Unknown said...

Hi I am gaurav from Sarita vihar delhi.i have stammering problem. I want leave this problem so plz plz help me...age 22 years. 9310164381

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is dibyendu..i have been suffering with this from childhood..i need ur help sir..my contact no. is 8468066376

Unknown said...

I am Andy
I have problems to stammering
I can't understand how relief from
I want to speak clearly
Any body help me
My contact no-9563148453

Unknown said...

I have a problems of stammering
I want to relief from this
It is worse to me
I want to speak clearly
My name Andy
From Durgapur,West Bengal
PH no-9563148453

Unknown said...

Hi everyone, i am Anil, I am Mechanical Engineer, I have problem of stammering, not to speak in fluency as other, some words are come out hardly while speaking.

i want to speak normal. i found some curing centre in delhi , Please advise me.