October 26, 2015

ISAD, 2015, I took interview of my company HR to spread awareness in different manner

I did wonderful job for isad 2015, I decided to take Interview of my company HR and I took interview of him for 5 minutes it was a cool conversion soon I shall share the recording in stammerfreely podcast. So the conversation contains following things
1. I asked about stuttering
2. I asked about his perspective towards stammerer
3. I asked how he observe and response to Pws while taking interview
4. I gave my perspective and knowledge about stuttering
5. I suggested how we can make an environment for Pws
6. I talked about his crtiera of judging and selecting candidates in interview
7. At last, I wrap up things in a conclude manner
Here is the link of interview : https://soundcloud.com/onetakerecording/podcast-hr


sachin said...

Vow! This is like entering the lion's den and asking him whether he had a shower or not...!

Haklao bindass- Raho Jhakaas!

Ravi Kant Sharma said...

well done vishal...all the questions you asked were fantastic...keep it up bro
All the Best...


Great Vishal.. U are very courageous..