October 27, 2015

SHG - Jaipur Meeting Report - 25th Oct'15

The meeting was held at our regular venue of Jaipur Central Park from 2-5 PM. It was attended by two members from Jaipur SHG, me and Chandra Prakash Goyal. We reached at 2 PM sharp and called a couple of other members who expressed their failure to attend the meeting. 
We were a bit low because the agenda that was decided could not be matched one -to- one due to absence of sufficient members, which meant we could not play Round Robin game. But nevertheless, Chandra Prakash and I chatted for the entire 3 hours and shared our past experiences, good and bad both. We decided to talk using PROLONGATION and BOUNCING techniques and whenever any one of us got diverted, the other one brought back the focus. The time flew by very quickly and it was great that the meeting continued in the same spirit ending with a tongue twisters session. 
We are happy that nothing could deter the meeting and the spirit of Self Help Group is kept alive! 

Soumya Saxena


Ravi Kant Sharma said...

well done Soumya and Chandra Prakash...sharing past experience is a small step on a long journey
and spirit of Self Help should be kept because that will reamin always with you...
So keep sharing and keep practicing...

sachin said...

Yes, when nothing can deter you, you are very close to success..
I am so happy that NC has motivate people to such an extent..

You have done a great job, Soumya and Chandra Prakash..
Congrats! Keep inspiring others with your words and actions..