March 22, 2015


Hello friends,
Like in every meeting we changes our schedule. Today's meeting was also at different place, it was budha smriti park(patna,bihar).
We were two members-
- Suraj
- Mohit
1. We started our meeting with a formal talk by roaming at Park.
2. Did reading with our techniques.
3. We phoned to Rakesh of faizabad just for some amusement.
4. We shared our personal experience regarding our life and stuttering.
It was a great meeting ended with a sweet cone of ice-cream.
Lastly we request to all Stammer friends who live in patna to come and meet once, I am sure you won't be regretting this meeting.
Overcoming stuttering is not easy, it needs great amount of persistence and courage.  Just come out of your comfort zone and explore yourself and such meeting will definitely going to help you.
Thanks for reading guys!

                                                                                                                                  Written by : mohit


sachin said...

I am sure many pws will be inspired by these lines and they will come... Till then, meeting each other and having ice-cream is really a GREAT idea...
Keep walking...

abhishek said...

Plz contact one pws from Patna on mobile no. 8603339103. He was eager to meet Tisa members at Patna . don't know his name but he is on watsapp

Mohit kumar said...

Thanks abhishek for giving his contact number..


Thankyou abhishekji.