January 19, 2015

Skype meetings

Last week I was bit busy with my office work. So I didn't do the skype meeting. But yesterday I put out some time and I did meeting. There were 3 members Including me. (Akshay, Pankaj and Akash).

At that time I thought that people are not happy with sykpe calls, and that's correct human mind always want some new things otherwise we got bore. So from today I'll do add some new things in the skype meeting. So everyone can speak more and more. And we are here to speak as much as possible. So be ready today and everyday some new activities you can see.

If anybody like to join the skype calls. Add me on your skype and lets chitchat and learn some new techniques which I learned from (Speech therapist).

For new members, please mail me or give me a whats app msg or call me. And I'll tell you about Tisa and our SHG meetings and obvious about skype meeting also.

MY :

skype id : akash_super1
email id : akashdxt25@gmail.com
Mobile no. 8095987170
Name: Akash ;-)

Note: Please don't be hesitate to call me, message me, or email me anytime before 11:00pm.


Some advantages of skype meeting,

1.) Build confidence
2.) Easily talk on phone
3.) Helps in telephonic interview
4.) In collage Vivas
5.) Talk to new people
6.) And ordering pizza by phone :-p
7.) And many more


Date : 5,6,7/january/2015

***Three days skype report back to back:

On 5th there were 9 members,
Agenda was Introduction, Impromptu speech, Passage reading with slow pace.

***On 6th we were 12 members, and this time we have to split the group,
Mukesh and Akash(me) were Hosting the group, Mukesh did really great job.
Agenda was Intro, Word game, tongue twister, and question & answer round.

***Today we were 6 members, and in between Sanjeet hosting the meeting and he also did great.
Members joined the call today Mitesh,  Pankaj(new guy), Anshuman, Akshay, Sanjeet and me.
Agenda was Intro, Mock interview, Passage reading & experience sharing.

******I would like to share my experience. Two weeks ago I started leading the skype group and I see changes in myself. For example, I'm not hesitate to call any body. Two incidents I like to share below,

1.)  Last Sunday we friends made a plan that "we will go to amusement park". One guy called me and he told "Oye waha call kar ke bata ki fees aur timing kya hai" before I always make some excuses and hesitate to call any one. But this time I suddenly call that guy and ask him (and I applied slow speaking technique which I'm using in skype meetings).

2.) Today my brother told me "Hey today we will eat pizza man" so, I said "sounds good". Then, 'what I usually do, open the site and start ordering online'. But suddenly thought came "Hey see this is the opportunity for you to speak in real world". Then I pick the phone number from the site and closed the site. And called Domino's guy. Before calling to domino I wrote all the things what I have to ask. And In big letters I wrote "USE SLOW SPEAKING TECHNIQUE". In between I stuck but after all I did great.

If you want to join the skype calls add me in. My skype ID : akash_super1
Indian time: 9:30pm to 11:00pm.

If you have any queries call on my mobile number and I always ready to help.


Date & Day: 4/1/2015,Sunday

In the skype meeting
Number of members: 8
New guy: 1

  1. Anshuman
  2. Ajay
  3. Mustafa
  4. Akshay
  5. Harish
  6. Karthik
  7. Mukesh 
  8. Akash 

1.) Introduction 
2.) Passage reading 
3.) Impromptu speech 
4.) Word game 
5.) Tongue Twister 

All guys did very well. If you like to join the meeting.
Add me on skype ID: akash_super1 


Date & Day: 3/1/2015,Saturday

In the skype meeting
Number of members: 10
New guys: 3

  1. Ajay
  2. Akshay
  3. Anbalagan 
  4. Anshuman
  5. Bharat
  6. Karthik
  7. Mukesh 
  8. Rohan 
  9. Sanjeet 
  10. Akash 
Agenda was: 

1.) Introduction 
2.) Random talk on a word for 3 minutes 
3.) Paragraph reading 

The meeting was pretty good. If you like to join the meeting scroll down and you can find out my skype ID. 

Date & Day: 2/1/2015,  Friday

Today there were 5 guys (Mustafa, Sanjeet, Mukesh, Karthik, and Akash(me) joined the meeting. Agenda was,

1.) Introduction
2.) Impromptu speech or table topics for 2 mins
3.) Passage reading but using slow technique
4.) Story telling
5.) General topics

The meeting was really good. If you like to join the skype meeting you can see the details below.


All the coordinators, please help spread the word and tell your shg groups how skype calls can remove the "phone phobia", develop confidence and conversational skills; it puts you in touch with a wide variety of inspiring and helpful people across the globe*. All this - at next to NO cost! Please join everyday from 9:30pm to 11:00pm
My skype id is akash_super1
(*If you dare doubt these benefits, read this scholarly article!!)

Last report: 
On Wednesday we were four members (Anshuman, Sharath, Kathik and Akash(me).
Agenda was Introduction, story making, Paragraph reading. It was a nice skype call.

This skype meeting held everyday from 9:30pm to 11:00pm. Interested candidates join the meeting.

My skype id is : akash_super1
Timing : 9:30pm to 11:00pm



Karthik Rajagopalan said...

Great start Akash and a great step taken this year. Have a wonderful and an awesome year.

sachin said...

Keep going....

sachin said...

Yes, that is the name of the game: understand the technique, practice in the Skype sessiom- and promptly use it in real life situation...TRANSFER the skill to 'day to day' situations and needs. This last step will make sure that the new technique will become integral part of your communication resources for the rest of your life....

Akash Dixit said...

Thanks Sachin Sir, I always waiting for your motivational comments.

Thanks Karthik

sachin said...

Suppose you develop a second line of Facilitators- so that it can happen, even when you are not available..? How nice that will be! But, yes, all this takes Patience, patience, patience..
Keep trying!

A R Hirani said...

Are skype meetings held now?
And what's the time?

asad iqbal said...

yeah A R hirani, meeting held at 10 pm everyday, my askype id is asadiqbal94 , add me on skype, i will add you to skype group call.