January 19, 2015

Bangalore SHG meeting minutes 18/01/15

Freedom lies in being bold and open

The meeting commenced with customary 15 minutes wait for friends to arrive on a lazy Sunday.

There were six in attendance Dinesh, Ajay, Akash, Pramod, Nishil and Me. First round was introduction with everybody sharing long and very long adventures of the last week. All also had to speak about something without which they can’t live without.

Ajay shared that he couldn't live without a connection to the divine and spirituality. We have found our own guiding light in Ajay. :) 

Akash spoke about co-existence of decent money and relationship as the things he can't live without. He also shared about the joy of buying toys and using a Remote Controlled helicopter. He taught all of us that we are never too old to do kids’ stuff if it brings joy to our heart.

Dinesh shared his past week ordeals like missing house keys, tax submission deadlines and emergency health checkups. But what was great about it though was is zeal and an attitude to accept ordeals as challenges and facing them on the front foot. He concluded that he couldn't live without SHG and being an optimistic.

Pramod spoke about his newly found passion to play games. We all could see a little twinkle in his eyes when he shared his mission success rate in GTA Vice City :) He also told that he can’t live without some conflicts in life. The correct attitude to face life's challenges head on!

Nishil shared that he couldn't live without some excitement in his life. He would like to try and experience new things which make life enjoyable and worthwhile.

I spoke about my recent addiction to good quality English series and sitcoms as a way to kill time and relax in my daily commute after a long day at the office.

As we all spoke at great lengths during our introduction, we decided to skip extempore speeches and straightaway head to Group discussion. The topic was "what does the youth of India think about Mahatma Gandhi?"

We had a very healthy discussion in which we shared stories and thoughts about the Mahatma. Nishil spoke about his struggles for our country's freedom. Dinesh spoke about the individual’s qualities which made him such a powerful admired leader. Pramod and Ajay also shared some wonderful insights to the whole discussion.

With this thoughtful discussion, we concluded our SHG meeting.

Written by Anshuman

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sachin said...

Aha- I cant live without watching good BBC movies like Jane Eyre, Tenant of the Wildfell Hall and Wuthering Heights- Yes, I am very much into Bronte sisters! also, George Eliot..
All these writers remind me that the world is changing - and yet not changing- really! Dramas and issues are still the same!!
Keep sharing guys!