November 10, 2014

Ahmedabad aces..

last Sunday we did first Shg meeting in ahmedabad... It was a very nice moment v shared... We are three members ..
Vipul from ahmedabad he is mba and doing marketing job..
  Rajesh from Jammu .. He just shifted in ahmedabad , posted in canara bank.. And I also just shifted last week from Delhi .. Due to job.. So it was first Sunday and first meeting in ahmedabad with 3 group of three person... We hope to add more members soon here ...   Thank you Tisa!
Get in touch now if you stammer.
Gaurav Medatwal


kumar kundan said...

Still there is suspense about who is 'I' in this blog.
I congratulate all of them for starting a SHG in Ahmedabad

sachin said...

When you work at the speed of lightening (like sachin), holding ten jobs, sometime you miss out names.. after all, as Shakespeare said: "What is in a name? Just give me Mobile.."
Well, his name is King Lear- sorry, Gaurav Medatwal- and he is a bright star on the horizon..

Tanveer Khan said...

What's in a name?..anxiety, loads of anxiety.:D

sachin said...

Yes, Tanveer - never thought of that angle...

mitesh said...

I will join you someday for sure ..