November 10, 2014

NC Central (2014)

Before we lose track of what happened (yes, life must move on!), we are putting here all the relevant links related to NC 2014 for easy retrieval and reference. All this information has been provided by Virendra Shirse, very kindly. We thank PUNE SHG for pulling it off, so well and all the participants for joining and making our effort meaningful.

What happened?
Daily Summaries with Pics:

Guests at NC

Fall out of NC:

Many more subtle waves have been unleashed..
NC Preparation:   (Pune SHG- thank you so much!)

Highlights of NC:
  • We had final confirmation of 105 people joining at NC So we booked 29 rooms in total having 7 shared by 1 to 3 people and 22 rooms booked which were shared for 4 people each room.
  • We sponsored 17 PWS with total amount of sponsorship Rs. 44200/-. 5 people to whom we agreed to sponsor, they did not bother to inform till end and we lost some money. I did try to vacate one room in which we saved Rs. 6000 for Oct 4 and 5. Due to this there were some changes I did which may have caused some discomfort to couple folks. So my apologies on it. 
  • 5 people did not join and 3 of them informed me in advance, so I have refunded money to 3 of them.
  • 2 people did not join NC but wanted to help NC, so we have added their funds to TISA funds.
  • Friend of one PWS joined at the last moment so we were able to adjust him in a room and save another Rs. 2750. 
  • One PWS from Pune joined for two days and paid for lunch charges of Rs. 700.
  • We had total of 8 non PWS joined us. 

Funds Received Amount
Registration Amount 269100
Donation from Nasir 60476
TISA Funds from JP 32598

Total amount Received 362174

Expense Amount
Resort 290000
Projector 5000
Video 10000
Stationary 2000
Banners 1870
Flowers 150
Gifts 10500
Bank charges 300
Total Expense 319820

Summary Amount in INR
Total funds Received 362174
Expense 319820
Funds - Expense 42354
Refunds (Cancellations) 8250
Amount after Refunds 34104
Funds not taken by participants 5650

Amount with TISA at Oct 11, 2014 39754


kumar kundan said...

आपने कुछ वीडियो को ही उपलब्ध कराया है।आपके एवं अन्य लोगों के विडयो NC के कब आएंगे

Satyendra said...

An expert committee is working on those highly sensational videos.. Removing all the pauses..making all of us great orators!
(Just having too waiting)