July 24, 2013

Put-up with the rain..

(Write-up by Nishil)

Venue: Madiwala  Timeline:20-7-2013     14.00 PM - 17.00 PM
The meetup was scheduled at 14.00 ,the turn up looked bleak. The rain had picked up pace further lowering the hopes of people coming.  
It was not long before the numbers began swelling. People came one by one drenched in rain, a sense of fulfillment emancipated from each one as they had made it for yet another bright chapter in Bangalore SHG.

Activity 1:
1)Stutter Boy –Proposing to a girl – A Stuttering boy is trying to get engaged with a girl whom he met.
The conversation between a stutterer trying to propose a girl was wonderfully played by abhinav , Navdeep the lady was equally charismatic , most of us will go through this part of life where you have to put yourself out there and pour your heart out and face your fears , this play brought out just that. It was a flashback for the married and a lesson for singles.

2)Alien Abduction – The alien abduction was re-enacted from the last chapter by Dinesh and Jagjit . The act was top notch with dinesh and jagjit entertaining the audience with their splendid show,with background effects .Patience is the key to observe tangible results.

3)Manager Employee –Interview experience of a stuttering employee meets a stuttering hirer. The conversation that followed was an accumulation of past experiences interviews and the resolve that each pws must take before entering the interview, that stuttering is never a weakness  as long as your comiitment is 100%.
4)Bridegroom-Father-in-Law: Is proposing a girl the hardest part? –not so sure after watching the Karthik (father-in-law) blasting sairam (the groom) when he asks for his daughters hand. We all learned  a few on screen tips from these talented artists.

Activity 2:
 IntroductionIt was sometime since Bangalore Shg had a long introduction round. It was good to know the updates from fellow mates about their progress from last time, future hopes and dreams.

Activity 3:Prepared speech Love story of moth and the light.
The story of a moth which falls in love with the light woven and presented by jagjit  made our day, The moth dreams of the light bulb in his dreams and even when he is awake , the innocence of the moth is depicted as it approaches the fluorescent bulb to propose, the bulb flickers showing its shyness but the electricity is switched off leaving the moth disheartened. Then the candle is lighted in the room and the moth flies into the arms of the candle thinking it to be its beloved and ends its life.

Activity 4 :Singing – Karthik and Navdeep came up with a karaoke “Accha to hum chalte hain” the room reverberated with the theme of the song.
If you want the Rainbow you gotta put up with the rain.
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sachin said...

"If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with rain.." Great thought to take away..
As I think more about it another thought surfaces- if one could accept the rain, then, walking in rain can also be fun- remember childhood? when we would go out and play in rain on purpose..

Manimaran said...

Really very innovative ideas which can very well be copied by other SHGs (I hope no copy right with Bangalore SHG...).Excellent way of conducting SHG meetings. A role model for other SHGs.Pl keep it up.

Joy deep Majumder said...

Inspirational..colourful..vibrant like the rainbow..way to go Blr SHJ..lead by Dinesh..!!!

ansh316 said...

Really Kick Ass meeting guys :)

Dinesh said...

Thank you everyone for your appreciation. Everything learned from you!! :-)