May 8, 2012

Minutes of the meeting - Seven Islands SHG

Venue: Five Gardens, Wadala
Time: 6 May, 2012 from 3.00 to 6.00 PM
Attendees: Shyam, Amey, Ravindra, Laukik, Gaurav, Gulshan (New member) and Benett
Regrets: Ritesh, Romi, Mustafa

Activities and Discussions:

1. We started off the meeting with Breathing exercises. We focused on the based principles of breathing as taught in Brahmavidya. Next we performed 2 cycles of Pranayam. 

Before we proceeded to the next task, we made it clear that all feedback given needs to be taken in a positive way inorder to improve our speech.

2. Gaurav shared the slow reading technique that he uses in daily Skype calls with the group. We all then practised a round of passage reading slowly with this technique. 

3. Next we did a round of Tongue Twisters

4.  Inorder to lighten the mood, we played Dumb Charades. The objective was to help people take centre stage, make eye contact with the group and communicate non verbally. 
5. Next we shared our stammering experience with the help of Bouncing technique. we were finding it very difficult to speak using the bouncing technique as we never used this technique before. Romi and Ritesh should help us on this technique when they return back to the meet next week. Must mention that Benett spoke very fluently by using this technique and everyone gave him a loud round of applause after he ended his speech. 

6. Gulshan then gave us an important tip of controlling speech blocks by using a Foreign Accent or speaking like Gays. Neverthless, it was a good tip cos they generally speak using prolongation technique. Ravindra tried this technique and he almost spoke fluently without any blocks.

We then discussed the agenda for next week and satisfactorily parted for home

Shyam Sundaram

P.S : Seven Islands = Mumbai


J P Sunda said...

Yes, Bouncing is a wonderful technique to remove the fear of stammering while at the same time learning to stutter in an easier way! Bouncing actually makes stuttering look COOL :-). Congrats to all of you for coming out and participating. SHGs develop an individual in all aspects of life.

sachin said...

Wow- Cool guys!
Keep exploring and meeting..

j jasbir singh said...

Can someone explain how is breathing practised in Brahmvidya?