December 11, 2010

Genesis of a SCAM

Scam is like a Ball room dance. Both partners anticipate each other's moves and position themsleves accordingly, for the personal advantage. Blaming one party will be childish. Scammer and "scammed" glide on the polished floor in unison- to the game of outdoing each other! It has been seen that people who are looking out for a bargain, often get scammed: a lady who wants to convert her brass-ware into gold quickly, the man who wants to convert his 100 Rs note into four thousand rupee notes etc. etc.
Something similar could be happening right under your nose. Here is the email I got from a young IPWS, few days back:
Hey guys, SpeechEasy is now in India. I want to write an article so that more and more people would know it's available in New delhi, India.
Last time i posted the same message and it didn't say anything like "your message is sent".
I requested him to submit a review by email to us and we would publish it, if it meets the criteria of objectivity. A week later, we get this email:
what exactly do you mean by review. is it the experience i had with SpeechEasy. and how could i write it .i dont know much about TISA website and how to write the review. please let me know.

let me answer your questions anyways
1)yeah i have been personally using it for last 11 days.i got it on 28th november, 2010.
2)there are many models of SpeechEasy available in India ranging from 1lakh to 4 lakhs
3) for after sales services ,please get in contact with the provider.his details are below
The people who are selling a DAF device for Rs 1 to 4 lakh in India, and this young man who wants to promote it at TISA website (what is the quid pro quo here?)- are they not scammers? He apparently is on a shopper's high. He has used it for just 11 days. Having blown up Rs one lakh (father's hard earned money?), he is feeling very good and wants to encourage other young IPWS to go for it! I am quite sure the country is full of such people who are desperately looking for a "CURE", which can be bought over the counter. Statistically, you could have the same effect by blowing conch shell, reciting Gayatri mantra, putting pebbles in mouth etc. etc. at a price far cheaper than Rs one lakh!!

The DAF does not cure stammer. Whatever beneficial effects you notice, wear off in a month or two. It is quite inconvenient to use in a noisy place like market etc. etc. Okay, we have warned you. Gamble at your own risk!

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J P Sunda said...

Also, one of the SHG member from Pune chapter told me that it (DAF device) was making him deaf day by day and he stopped using it.