August 16, 2017

Acceptance with Family

    I have observed this pattern for a long period of time in my life. I am well-behaved with my friends and colleagues.. In the presence of my friends, I try to portray myself as a fighter, or at times as a victim of stammering, with whom they can sympathize. .. But I am a totally different person in front of my family.. 

     Suppose I have had a bad speech day.. I would have had many blocks and severe stammering during the day.. I carry the emotional baggage to my house.. Since my mood is off due to stammering, I behave in a rude manner with my family members. My family members are perplexed with my behavior.. So what can be done?

     It would be better to share with my family that I had severe stammering during the day . So I am feeling sad/bad/angry....By doing so, I would no longer be required to wear the mask of "Everything is ok" in front of my family.. I can be as I am feeling inside.. I can accept that its ok to share feelings about my speech with my family... If I make it a habit to share my true feelings with my family, then I won't be required to wear a mask in front of them.. And they too would be at ease in my presence

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Satyendra Srivastava said...

Very true. But I must say, I learned the real reason of why I would come home with a "sore head" on some days only when I neared 50! You are becoming aware of the inner working of your mind at a very early stage. Congrats! They say: Seeing is FREEING! You are very close to the end of the tunnel..