July 30, 2017

Round the world in 8 minutes

Here is a quick update:

Teaching others about stammering can be a powerful path to recovery- rather than being sent to therapy day after day, often against your wish, often just to pacify the world around you: A little child of eight - Nye, in England, tries this path.. Read more here. This can happen only with the help of school, family and therapists around you- They must change their view. And if they dont, who is stopping you to change your view, especially if you are an adult? Right? Strat with people around you. But learn a little bit about stammering first...

Can religious people stammer? Should they? Are they free to do so? When I was a child, I often wondered that if I took sannyas, people will surely call me "Hakla Swami" - and that would be such an anti-climax! Bu hu bu hu... But here is a Rabbi, who did not give up and he talks about his struggles! Please note that he spells God as G-d. This is just because as a participating Jew, he is not supposed to use the holiest word lightly, as in writing or talking to others. Here read on, what he has learned from his stammering.

Third story from America: An engineer who complained of discrimination due to stammering at work-place lost his right to sue, because he did not bring it to Human resource of the company. What does it mean? It only means that stammering does not give us unlimited rights to use law in our favor. We have to proceed through proper channel and use accepted protocols. Here it is.

Instead of being reactive, we can be proactive- by educating the management and colleagues about our stammering. Dont use stammering as a body armor. Instead use it as an opportunity to educate the world around you and make it a weeeee bit better. Hai naa?

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