May 30, 2017

A spiritual disorder?

Hello sir I am sanchit.....sir I always thought that what could be the role of meditation in overcoming stammering......I even started doing meditation.....but unfortunately I did just for few days only as my mind failed to concentrate on breath . Sir could you please guide me about how the meditation has to be done on regular basis in order to control our speaking rate and ultimately controlling stammering
Sir what is the role of spirituality in stammering there any connection between the two?

Dear Sanchit

Ahaa! You have asked me a question which is close to my heart!

Stammering – in fact any human issue- can be seen in two lights: first, it could be explained with the help of science – in terms of cause and effect. Second: it could be seen in the light of what lies beyond cause and effect. Because if you keep asking “why” again and again, if you keep looking for a cause behind proximal cause- and consistently and objectively refuse to be satisfied with superficial explanations – you end up in an infinite loop. To break the loop, you have to step out of it. And then, you are in the realm of spiritual science, the science behind all sciences. Following that line, I would like to say that stammering is not a speech disorder but a spiritual disease (you are welcome to disagree, of course).

All pws have many things in common, like: constant obsession with ‘me and my fluency’, my technique, my cure; what are others thinking of me? What kind of impression have I made on so and so? Even if I am hurting inside, I must put up the impression of being a “normal” regular guy or girl… In this constant attempt to sound and look like others, we NO more know who we truly are; who we truly are supposed to be… It is like an actor who after days of playing different roles, no more knows who he truly is, where is his home. These are signs of spiritual malady: we have lost our spiritual moorings.

This is why many pws (and even non-pws), complain of an emptiness inside, even when they have achieved a reasonable level of fluency, a good job etc etc. This is why, we in TISA strongly feel that “random acts of kindness” – like talking to a pws, who puts up a request in a whatsapp group (“Anyone free to talk?”) – is actually a kindness to oneself and is a holistic approach to recovery. In a nutshell, any departure from so called “normalcy” is a portal to our spiritual dimension. Surdas was blind. Ashtavakra had a body bent in eight places. Tulsidas was a jilted lover.  So forth and so on. There is a long list of “broken masters”.

So, if stammering is a spiritual disorder, what do we need to do? Simple: worry about others; serve others; listen to them; help others become good communicators – and don’t keep a log-book! Constantly expand your sphere of concern for others- go beyond “stammering”, beyond my state, my nationality… Be a little humble and honest and say: Yes, I stammer.... Instead of looking for inspiration for yourself, inspire others. 

Coming to your specific question about meditation: we may think very highly of ourselves and our abilities and our will-power, but the fact is: environment can twist and mould us like wax-dolls in a second! Therefore company you keep can be important. Books you read, movies you watch – all this goes towards creating an inner environment, which can defeat your stated external purpose in life. So be cognizant of this great psychological truth and use it to your advantage- by choosing your company carefully. In your case, it might help if you practice meditation with others- not alone. You could, for example, do 3-4 vipassana courses, one after another, in different cities, if you are free.

Another thing: it is not helpful to sit for meditation with such expectations: My mind will get focused on my breath. I will enjoy peace… Rather, when you sit, you could say to yourself: I am just sitting down for at least 60 minutes- no matter what happens or fails to happen. I will just sit. That is a better attitude for mediation. Finally remember: Saint is the Sinner, who never gave up (Sw Yoganand).


sanchit sharma said...

First of all I would like to thanks sachin sir that after reading this whole article now I can clearly sayto myself where I was wrong . Sir you are absolutely right that there is also a life beyond stammering . The real problem with every PWS is that we all want an instant cure . We are always looking for a magical pill that will cure our stammering . This is just an illusion . Everyone in this world is unique . His/her actions , way of thinking etc etc. So every PWS is unique . The stammering pattern inside every PWS mind is unique . So thats why speech therapy suits to some people and for some its just a wastage of money and time . But if we talk about the one common solution to this problem I think its none other than spirituality . Since childhood I am facing the stammering problem . For about an year I have been so desperate in knowing about the root cause of stammering . I have gone so deep in researching this topic and finally only one conclusion I got after doing all the research and this is SLOWING DOWN EVERYTHING . Most of you wont agree with this as you all might be thinking how slowing everything control our stammer . The answer to this is by slowing down we can increase our awareness level to a very high level . Awareness is to observe what our 5 senses are doing . The slow we are the better our mind will follow our instructions and then with lot of practice we can also observe our breath while we are speaking and this ultimately leads to a better control on our speech .
Now coming to the real part which is beyond everything in this universe i.e The Supreme . Sir you are absolutely correct . Even after getting fluency , good job , good position in the society there is always an emptiness inside . And I think this emptiness is only bcoz everyone in this world is thinking themselves as a body (this is far far far away from reality). Thats why the suffering occurs . If we treat everyone in this world as a soul then there wont be any suffering bcoz we will see the other person as it is without any judgement and memory linked to that person inside our mind . By doing meditation we can directly connect with our soul and no more emptiness will be there . Bcoz we connect with the source of love the CREATOR .

Ravi Kant Sharma said...

I agree Sir...our action defines us...if we are at peace with ourselves then we are cured


This post is like looking in a mirror attentively.. And it reinforces our life-values.. Its like a melodious song, or a favourite movie or a dear book: which needs to be visited again and again .. Thanks sir