May 25, 2017

One big role completed😎😎

Hello friends
As a  kid when I saw people doing the role of Master of Ceremonies (or anchor) I used to think can I do this role?? Can I also speak so much in front of many people?? I was in a perplex mode then. But things have changed now. I was of the thought that first I should get rid of my stammering "COMPLETELY", then only I would do this. But as I said things and thoughts have now changed.

I joined Toastmasters Club a few months ago and I posted one of my speech also on the blog for which I got the award also (yipeeeee).

This Saturday we had our meeting and courageously I took the role of MC. For this role I need to know about each speaker as I have to introduce him/her. Also I should know the sequence of the meeting and truly speaking I was having no idea what would happen. The night before I messaged my mentor Tanuja ma'am to come early so that I can rehearse my role.

Before I go in detail, let me tell you what actually is the role of MC - introducing the speakers, introducing the role takers, deciding the theme of meeting, try to establish the link between the theme and speech, and lastly ensuring that the audience doesn't get bored...😊

I reached the venue well before time and my mentor also reached and I told her what I have in my mind regarding the role. I gathered the information about all the speakers as soon as they arrive in  hall, wrote it down, and read it as if I was to take some exam.😊 I also asked some senior members about the sequence of meeting. And yes I decided the theme long back :"If You are Not You, Who are You".

Now the time has come when I have to go on stage and speak. Sach btau to yrrrr...."Fat rhi thi"

I started the meeting with the theme "If you are not you, then who are you". I explained the theme and asked members what are their view and experience. I decided this theme because it connects me with the core value of ACCEPTANCE.

There were 4 speakers and the topics selected by them were - Giving back, Earth hour, Developing a Mission and From CC to C(Copy Cat to ). Actually as MC I had to connect all the speeches with theme and it turned quite easy for me. Also I had to add my words after the speech and all topics turn out to be speak able for me. After prepared speaches, next session was Table topic or impromptu session and then we had a break for 10 minutes. In the break a new member came to me and told me that the theme is fantastic and I'm doing justice with the theme. This was a big boost for me. Also a guest approached me as he wants to join the club. I explained him the procedure and other things what I knew.

After break we again assembled and our last session- evaluation started. For evaluation I was suggested by my mentor two things: one is I should call the speech evaluator before the speakers comes on stage and if I can use Mic then I would be good.

This was how I did my first major role as MC. After the meeting I wss told that I did a good job. The feedback matter a lot for me. I can definitely say that every role be it anything - first it looks very tough or may be scary but mark my word after completing it what you feel is the biggest THERAPY.

And not to forget I again won the award for Best Role Taker i.e. MC😄.

Ravi Kant Sharma


Satyendra Srivastava said...

Wow! Good for you! lage raho!

Uttiyaa said...

Great Ravi! ☺

Tanuja Khanduja said...

Ravi you did a fantastic job that day. Few people are able to do it so well in their first attempt. It was like" पहली movie ही superhit".

dream said...

Keep the tempo going on.....much more mile Stone to touch..... bravo bravo

Ravi Kant Sharma said...

Thanks@Satyendra Srivastav

Ravi Kant Sharma said...


Ravi Kant Sharma said...

Thank you@Tanuja

Ravi Kant Sharma said...

Yes I believe in trying by doing@dream