February 26, 2017

Ahmedabad self help Group

Shg report

Today'S  report
Date :26/02/2017

So it's Sunday morning!

Weather was cool and sunny🌞✨

So wait with anticipation is liked to be over.

Vastrapur lake was more  beautiful as usual today.
 so  we were 5 members  me, Vipul ,Vivek ,Harshil ​, Anant .

A meeting was Hosted by Harshil Damor he came with some unique agenda which we never had  seen before.

So Harshil did guide us for first activity which was speaking on any Topic  for 5 min  but ..but... with   closed eyes so moral was This activity  speak anything that in your mind without seeing anyone face expression so ya that can be reduce the fear while expressing yourself to anyone.

Then second activity was something like same but with closed eyes as well as Ears so obviously  it's like funny but we did for once

And we appreciate an idea and dream of  Mr Vipul  for opening a school for stammerers.. was really well

In final activity we did individually shared our  a parrelel journey of life  towards joining TISA from a  bad stammerer , we shared our all efforts that we all  did  for manage our  stammering

So A new member Anant showed up with brilliant idea to make documentary  on life of stammerers  so on next SHG meet we will start working on that

 So finally proud to say  Ahmedabad SHG is Ready for Next level

#Blessed to be a stammerer

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Satyendra Srivastava said...

Presenting with eyes closed- was a brilliant idea! Yes, like this, keep coming up with new challenges, situation and communication tasks..
Welcome Ananta!
Thank you everyone!