July 12, 2016

Patna Bihar SHG Meeting Report 10 July

Hello TISA Family,

Sunday’s meeting was scheduled at children's park, boring road. There were three members prashant (me), Ranjan and Rishikesh. We discussed many things but focused more on sharing life experiences related to stammering. Rishikesh were stammers a lot so we also concentrating on giving rishikesh some basic techniques that would help him in the long run. He shared with us some incidents about how he gets humiliated due to stammering

I gave him example of Ranjan that He too was facing the same difficulty that you are facing but today nobody can notice even a bit of sign of stammering when he talks and that has become possible only due to the consistent efforts of generating confidence by him. Apart from this we discussed other things too.

Meeting was of short duration and hence we did not perform other activities. However, from the next meeting I anticipate that the number of members will raise so that we could perform some other creative activities too.

Sorry for no picture as we couldn’t take it.

Thank you!!!

Post written by Prashant

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