July 13, 2016

Bangalore SHG report (10th July,2016)

                                                        "Life is all about choices."

Yes exactly! We don't have control on actions but our reaction ,which is guided by our choices, shapes our life. That was a sunday chilling morning and weather was at its best form in Bengaluru. I had given with two choices, either to move on for SHG or to stay at home and enjoy the weather in bed. As expected  I choose earlier one.

                        I reached little later but the small hut was already filled with our SHG members. The one thing i noticed in Bengaluru SHG meetings is that we are very punctual. At the time I got into small hut in Cubbon Park, the introduction round was going to over . This time we had three new members Sourav,Sachin and Piyush. After introduction round we were upto extempore round, in which all the members have to give their speech in 3 mins.

                        Next was a GD round. This time we conducted two GD rounds with following topics "Belief in GOD leads to superstition" and  "Brain Drain in INDIA". All had participated with their best shots. I was indulge in first topic in such a way that i forgot that i am a PWS and feel the positiveness by being a good listner.

                        Next was Stranger talk. We divided ourselves in groups with two people in each group and spread across cubbon park for 20 minutes. It was a nice activity since you have to face your fear beyond your comfort zone. As people say "Face the fear and it will go away". From the experienced of that activity i can summarize that most of the people were very curious to know about stammering, its causes and about TISA. So we briefed them the same.

                        It is hard to live in fear. But i am not fearing anyway. Though it was my sixth meeting ,but i learnt to face people and talking to them without any fear. I can see the improvement and continue with same.

From left to right : Abhinav,Subrat,Bharat,Piyush,Jonali,Sovit,Sachin,Kavish,Amarnath,Sourabh and Sudhansu.

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sachin said...

Thanks Akash!
Yes, life is so bountiful, that every moment it offers us- not one or two - but hundreds of choices!!
Let us make use of them!
Very nice picture! Thx again.. everyone. (Next time, please smile!)