March 28, 2016

Patna Bihar SHG Meeting Report 27 March

Hello Guys,

This is Mohit kumar reporting from Patna, Bihar SHG. We were three members- Me, Krishna and Prashant. The meeting venue is Gandhi Maidan at 4PM. Were were right on time. We started our meeting with the formal introduction to each other.

The following activities we performed-

  • Breathing exercises
  • Talking with slow speech
  • Debate on various issues like politics, vijay mallaya, present situation of india etc.

     We also discussed about being calm and relax during the talks. As I experienced, faster heart beats makes our stammering more severe. So we need to calm our mind and body so that our heart beat remains calm. For this Meditation proves to be a best solution. Do invest 10 minutes in meditation on early morning. It makes you less anxious and more focused.
Krishna attended this meeting after a very long time. He shared his experience of the train journey. He need to buy ticket from mugalsarai to patna, after seeing the crowd, he became anxious, but he has to buy tickets so he went and asked the inquiry counter by taking 2-3 minutes. The counter person was a very obliging and listen carefully what Krishna trying to utter.

It happens to all of us that some people will listen you carefully and some will be impatient. It depends on us on how we change our attitude towards them. When you go with the positive attitude everything will be good.

We ended our meeting by vowing for the next SHG meeting

Apologies for the pictures as we unable to click pictures due to dim light.

Thanks for reading!

I would also like to thanks Dr. Sachin for his regular comment on the post.

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sachin said...

Yes, attitude is the secret. And Our Attitude is in our hand. We can shape it any which way..
Thanks Mohit! and all other Patna friends..