January 3, 2016

Bangalore SHG- First meeting of 2016 - an insight

The team

It's a New Year with new hopes, new dreams and new commitments. On a ravishing Sunday morning, the Cubbon Park was buzzing with activities.  Cubbon park….. It’s an abode for city dwellers living in concrete forest to breathe some fresh air, feel the nature, enjoy some good time with family and importantly to be themselves. Akin to them, an ambitious team of PWS gathered around the lush green Cubbon Park and the first SHG of the year unfolded.

Everyone came to the arena, the hut near the central library, before 10.30. Thanks to New Year..!! It seems everyone has taken resolution to make it to the SHG on time, including me..!!. Let the vibe spread throughout the year.

The team include Dinesh, Baljeet, Pratibha, Kavish, Mohit, Mansi, Naman, Sudhanshu, Anusha, Janani and Harikrishna.

As usual, the meeting started with a round of introduction. Being the first meeting in New Year, the introduction included New Year resolutions also. The list of resolutions varied from being optimistic for the whole 2016, viewing others the way they are and extended even to " no more new year resolutions this time" !!

The team then moved on to sharing round wherein every one elaborated on the various techniques and approaches used on various situations. Prolongation, slow speaking, pausing, bouncing etc were the techniques to name a few in addition to yoga and meditation.
A fellow teammate even explained about a combo of bouncing and prolongation technique which indeed was very interesting and informative too. At the end of the round, the team as a whole and especially the newcomers got enlightened.

Next item on the schedule was prepared speech round. A fellow mate explained on the project that she was working on and truth behind the rather confidential nature of the work. Another fellow mate pursuing her PhD in sports nutrition, came all along from Coimbatore (in TN), with a prepared speech as a prelude for her PhD seminar presentation. The prepared speech sessions at SHGs gives an opportunity to PWS to practice and hone their presentation skills in addition to being informative for others. Another “Super” mate gave an inspirational speech on how he unburdened the luggage of stammering and how he emerged to give a speech during an event. He made us realize “how great we are”.

In order to have a better understanding about acceptance and how to view things through another perspective, the team brainstormed on three questions:
1.      Which is more sweeter- a mango or a tomato..??
2.      Is learning swimming easy or difficult..??
3.      Is stammering good or bad..??

The bottom line of the discussions was that the end result of any activity majorly depends on how we approach the activity. Positive attitude and positive perspective can help us move mountains. Further, getting in touch with like minded people will help one achieve goals steadily and swiftly.
To sum up, the crux of SHG is sharing experience and imbibing wisdom from others who has already walked the same path to achieve a better tomorrow.

(But, on a lighter note, I still feel that Mango is tastier and sweeter than tomato…!!   :P)

And we concluded yet another wonderful day of sharing experiences and gaining wisdom with an energizing activity and a selfe...

The selfie...

On behalf of Bangalore Team SHG, We wish a Very Happy and Prosperous New year.

“It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”
 - Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist .   

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On behalf of Bangalore Team SHG, we appreciate the stride taken by a family to 
save life of a bird that was immobilized and battling for life inside the park. On sighting the 
struggling bird,  the family called an animal rescue team and rescued the bird. 
# Humanity is not yet lost



M said...

It was a great one indeed...our perception always determines how we mould our lives..

.shg always gives me a little push which i need to survive my own demons...

it was great meeting anusha ,a fellow iwws from Coimbatore..

Btw i like tomatoes better than mango.. especially the raw ones ��

M said...
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Dinesh said...

Very well captured Hari.. !! Thanks.

Dinesh said...

Very well captured Hari.. !! Thanks.

sachin said...

Very heart warming story about the injured bird..