December 31, 2015

Sumit Srikoti and the Theater

I have known Sumit since 2009, I guess, when he was just a child in early teens. Whenever he came from Dehradun, he was accompanied by couple of policemen in civvies. (His father works in Police department- that is why, I guess). I have seen him cover a huge ground in last 5-6 years, psychologically speaking. It will be wrong to say that TISA (or I) have played any role in his growth, beyond just being friends.

So, I wanted to know what were these other influences which have transformed him from a timid child to a confident young adult. During the interview, I noticed some of the phrases he has used and I think they represent an important fact: The words we use, often shape our reality. For example look at some of the phrases he used in this interesting conversation:

There must be something BEYOND stammering within me- which my friends see and appreciate. Why should I not do the same?
I forgot everything (on stage). I just knew that I had to say this dialogue..and I did.
Getting into the "character" did it..
The voice you have is for communicating with others - regardless of..
Even if you stammer, it is YOUR voice..

Thank you Sumit! The message I take from this Interview is: Courage is the Best technique..It always works.


Sumit Chilkoti said...

Thank you sir..its your greatness that you don't take the credits..but sir its you and tisa which did the job.

I am god said...

True .... nice words !

And i must appreciate the author for recognising that !

We fail to recognise some important things , which look very minute but have a great influence on us.