December 28, 2015

Letting the secret out in the NEW YEAR!

The other day I spoke to JP and soon after, to Dhruv.
JP and I shared a little joke: It seems TISA is creating a need where none exists! If Stammering is a diversity - let us shut up and go home!
(Well, going ho-ho-home is not that easy. And this issue is a lot more complex.. but we were just having a little Haryanvi humor!).
Interestingly, with Dhruv too, I was discussing similar issues: Should TISA try to push "stammering" as a disability? But is it not just a diversity? If society accepts it as a disability which pws will benefit and which ones will suffer?
Then, Dhruv, shared another "problematic" thought: Some young pws believe that if they practice acceptance, their speech will become just like sachin's...
Oh my God! Is that the message which is going out? Oh no, I STILL STAMMER (but happily). And yes, I do communicate well now (my livelihood, as a social worker, depends on it!). So, how did I learn to stammer happily and become a good communicator? I decided to share what I have been writing for sometime: My Secrets...  Keep checking here for it.  


Rajesh, Hyderabad said...

Wow i am waiting for the updates from you Sir,
"Even i still stammer but happily" these words are perfectly true and heart touching.
I am also experiencing this kind of state after being TISA member.
We enjoy life even with stammering.
Thanks for sharing.

M said...

i am waiting eagerly!!!