December 8, 2015

BANGALORE SHG - 06 12 15


After a long gap I attended the weekly SHG at Cubbon Park. As usual it was a cloudy breezy morning out there. (Ghost of depression is refuse to depart)

Attendants : Soma – the coordinator, Pramod, Akash, Naman, Bharat, Sharath, Hari Krishna, Balaji, Anita and Ruben. Amongst them Balaji is the new entrant and came all the way from Hosur.


It began with Intro round and as I was late, could only catch up with a few introduction. Everybody asked to follow a technique (e.g Prolongation/bouncing/slow  or whatever it may be) to deliver the Intro. It was a ice breaker round for Balaji which he did with guts and patience.

Next activity was Impromptu speech round, where each person had to pick a topic (pre decided by Soma) by lottery. It started with Ruben and end with me. The topics were  Support, Strength, Anything you like, Hard work, Time management, Driving force in life, Motivation, Practice etc.  As usual somebody find it difficult to find the words and tried to finish it off asap. Few done very well. We have lots of fun here followed by tongue twister round.

As a new candidate Balaji  asked for some tips. Naman advised him to emphasize on practice the Prolonged reading regularly for at least 3 month to start getting results and also refer ‘AHJ’ books to follow.

Next Pramod stand up and stress on to come out from the one’s comfort zone and devote little time voluntarily in some other charitable activity to get the inner strength and peace as well. It’s like help yourself by helping others.

Altogether it was a happy and sweet end. Thanks to Mansi, in absence also she makes her presence felt by  sponsoring sweets and biscuits.

Next Sunday the Grand SHG meeting will be held at the same venue same time. Wish all the best for its grand success. Thank you.


If you are a first timer , feel free to contact us and drop in on any sunday between 10 am and 1 pm in cubbon park. We assure you that you will get a lot of friends and dont worry,  we are extra cordial to new comers. 

Sharath:  7411090880 -
Nishil: 9008416379 -

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sachin said...

Yes, some people like Mansi, can do good even from distance..
Oh yes, can I please request Bala ji to write couple of paragraphs (or pages) about his experiences? To help him, I can give some leading questions: Why did he decide to come all the way from Hosur? Was the experience worth the trouble he took? What has he learned in the process? What will it take for him to start a SHG in Hosur?
He can write it out and someone in SHGBLR can edit and post it right here on this blog...with his photo.
Thanks in advance..