November 8, 2015

Jaipur SHG Meeting Report (08/11/2015)

Today we reached at venue on time. We were three members, Soumya, Suresh Choudhary and me.

As per agenda we started meeting at 1:30pm. Suresh Choudhary is a new member from Merta. Today he came from Ajmer along with a two hour journey only for SHG meeting. Me and Soumya heartily welcomed him.

After the absence of Ravi Kant Ji, this was a first well planned meeting. In the mid of Suresh shared his life experience. 

Today was the Bouncing Day. So our 75% conversion was through bouncing. We practiced well this technique around 3 hours. This was more than the home practice. We can not do practice around 3 hours at home.

Our activities were totally based on agenda, posted in meeting invitation. We did not deviate from our agenda. Soumya helped me more than i expected. Her dedication is more than us.

At last at 4:15 pm meeting was put to closure. We decided to meet in next meeting saying "good bye" to each other.

Happy Diwali to All !!

Thank You!!

Anurag Tetarwal (PWS)

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