November 5, 2015

Jaipur SHG meeting invitation on Sunday (08/11/2015)

                                                                              Bouncing Day!

Hello everyone!! This time we decided to celebrate every Sunday based on a speech technique. So next Sunday will be celebrated as "Bouncing Day". I think this is funny but stammering is also funny.

Bouncing takes away the pressure to say a word, perfectly in one go. It also help us to develop acceptance/ tolerance towards dis-fluency. We regain some control our mouth and emotions.etc.

I think that
Fluent और Non-Talented होने से अच्छा है, Stammerer और Talented होना।
The Agenda of meeting will be, as:
  • Standing up.
  • Smiling - looking at everyone slowly, saying nothing for full one minute.
  • Saying just the first name loudly.(using a technique).
  • Sit down.
  • Distributing printed copy of ground rules.
  • Name
  • Where you born/ where your hometown?
  • About your education.
  • What going on present time in their life, as; job etc.. 
  • Hobbies.
When everyone completed his/her turn then i will check about your listening skills asking the introduction of other member.

##sharing a inspirational quote (by anyone).

I am already provided some links related to stammering articles in whats-app group of Jaipur SHG. So select an article and prepare a 3-4 minutes presentation.
Imitating round
It has four phases with positive body language and relaxed bouncing, as;
    • Look into the eyes of the person sitting on your left and say:
      "Ma-ma-mama-my name is A-a-a-a-anurag"
      (maintaining the eye contact is necessary)
    • Same as above but with smile and eye contact and provides positive feedback to member if necessary.
    • Both hands folded tight behind.
      and says "Ma-ma-ma-ma ha-ha-ha-hakala hun" (it will be repeated with 10,7,4, and 1 time bouncing)
    • Story making round.
      Variations: bouncing at any words, bouncing at only first word, bouncing at only two words, bouncing at all words.
## sharing a inspirational quote (by anyone).
In this round each member writes two true and one false statements about yourself. After it, other members choose,which are true statements and which is false.

## sharing a inspirational quote (by anyone).

Some questions will be asked from every members, as;
  • How do you feel about stammering?
  • What do you like about stammering or what do you feel about it?
  • What makes you most angry about this problem?
some questions are closed, will be opened in meeting.....Sorry!!!!

Closure of  the meeting

Venue : Central Park (gate No. 3), Jaipur
Time:    1 pm to 5 pm
Date:     08/11/2015

I am waiting for suggestions and corrections from your side.

Thank You!!

Anurag Tetarwal (PWS)  (7568377078)

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sachin said...

Great job, Anurag...
Very good exercises..