May 12, 2015


"Survival of the fittest" is bound to happen, as they say, but what i say " well not always". Fittest in this "Kalyug" means a person who has brains, a person who is smart, a person who can express, a person who can SPEAK, a person who can manipulate, a person who is not me. YES!! I am not the fittest. 

Well, i thought i could not survive, but the fact is- I DID and I WILL. TILL THE END. As i look into the past, i remember it all, was a shade, a mist and a rush.

Now, i have seen a light, and want others to observe the same.

And i am becoming my favourite song- "Hey man, i am alive, i am taking each day and night at a time, i am feeling like a monday, but someday i'll be saturday night" (BON JOVI).

Next few lines are dedicated to all the stammerers: i wish you all good luck...Start to believe and see the wonders....

"I wont say hello when telephone would ring,
Then i would hide when doorbell would ping.

I had fear of talking to all,
i would just go hide and scrawl.

I was shy, i was lone,
i was just into my home.

I was always brainy but didnt realize,
as i lived always in disguise.

Teachers asked: - tell me your parents name,
and i behaved as if i am in a fame.

The fame was just a joke,
as marks were only a cloak.

I didnt realize, i had a stutter,
until in a meeting i had to utter.

Soon "it" became a massive load,
i had to walk, alone, a mile road.

I felt down, was into a box,
used to evade all the talks.

I used to feel like an orphan,
my stutter was getting all worsen.

Years back, with a bad vigour,
i felt as if i needed a trigger.

Soon i felt, an angel came,
Now i wanted to win this game.

I tried hard, i slept little,
I know now, oh please, i am not so brittle.

My friends, i sometimes feel all the blues,
But its me, who always has to choose.

Choosing between, glory and tears,
I have a desire, to face my fears.

Who knows, i will be on top of the world,

With all my wounds, all healed and burled."


Dinesh said...

You have set the Tisa blog on fire!
Wish that, in your efforts, you never tire!!

Satyendra said...

Great sentiments...
Celebrate, you must!

Karthik said...

very nice Mansi. You have nailed down your feelings in a very beautiful way. You have also spoken all our fellow members feelings. Only when we write down our feelings, we get clarity, and you have done that. All the best.

Mansi said...

Tthanks DINESH, SACHIN SIR AND KARTHIK ... i feel awesome talking to new people here at TISA during SHG as well, so i just wana tell you guys , JUST BELIEVE and you will make a difference...

Dhruv said...

Amazing Mansi! I loved this poem - you're poet and you know it! :) :)

It would be equally amazing if you could share this poem during the convention..we will talk when you're here soon :)

ABHISHEK said...

The more I read Tisa blog, the more I realize that Tisa is a group of extraordinary gentlemen and gentlewomen :) great poem Mansi

Dehradun SHG said...

Mind Blowing !!

Mansi said...

Hey Dhruv, thanks for the comments, i can actually share this poem during convention, during my speech. Hoping to meet soon...

Mansi said...

thanks Abhishek and Dehradun shg