May 15, 2015

Bungee Jumping

Yesterday Vikas dropped in. Same Vikas- but somehow different. There was a "glow". He was happy in his job, which gave him scope for "creative" escapades. It involved travelling around, conducting trainings, using android apps to conserve and promote water resources in remote mountains ... and Bungee Jumping! He had understood one thing: Life had to be lived before it could be understood. And to live life, courage is the ONE thing one needs- above money, connections, degrees etc.
Another very interesting thing he observed: Just before the leap, his mind was totally empty- the background "chatter" had stopped- and he was 100% alive to the present moment, totally alive to "THIS" moment: Something, which he had glimpsed a few weeks ago, in a ten day Vipassana course.. You may still have questions. So, go out and do some stuff.. Check it out!
What will it be- Bungy or Vipassana?


abhishek said...

Wah! First vipassana, then maybe solo bike trip to leh

sachin said...

Yes- a bike ride over Himalayas may feel like Vipassana in motion...

Vikas Ranga said...

Thanks sir for such nice post.
It was great meeting with you.
Discussions with you always rejuvenate.