January 11, 2015

new frontier..

Having difficulty finding romance?
Here is a real life story. Let me give brief outline. Mathew, a pws, has a beautiful physique. He works with a nude artist, as the model. He participated in a TV show meant for people facing dating difficulties - "Undateables"..
Mathew has some pretty high standards for his date.. Participating in the show helps him find her dream date.. read on. Moral of the story - No risk, no gain.

Second story's
"...Mr. Campbell used to try and keep his stutter hidden but has since realized there is a better way to approach his speech, with openness and acceptance..."
Mr Campbell is a young man - Fourth year medical student. He has understood a very simple thing: you need acceptance, openness - not THERAPY! But then common sense is quite uncommon. Check it out...

Keep expanding your frontiers.. and tell us about it!

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