January 11, 2015

from the battle front!

A little insight into the kind of commitment we need, in order to help ourselves...
"....Namaste sir,
please find the following the month long activity from first week of
dec(had talked to you after my brother's marriage) to first week of
I am stil at village with java mobile,which unables post on tisa blog.
I request you to post on my behalf  edited/unedited as required.

1.I have deliberately bounced on some words with everyone I talked to
at least once in every conversation.

2.I have confessed about my stammering to my old friend of village, a
senior(alumni) of my college,our then HOD,CIVIL and some 3 of my newly
found friends(photographers) in facebook.

3.I had posted on TISA facebook page asking all the PWS to share their
number so as we could talk to people across the country, not limitng
to people of our shg's only with whom we have developed a sense of
Some 40 guys from delhi, j & k,rajasthan,m.p, u.p,
bengal,chennai,gujarat,nepal,odisha,gujarat,bangalore have shared
their contacts til today and are speaking with each other.

4.I have been practicing belly breathing for some 14 days(need some help).

Many many thanks for your  support and guidance.
I wanted to talk you on phone too if you are available.

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