September 21, 2014

It’s all about fun! – Goa SHG report

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Excited and looking forward to having fun, we came together to join hands once again at the Goa YMCA today.

We started differently. Since everybody knew each other, instead of an introduction we all spoke about ourselves and which animal / bird symbolizes us, and why we think so. We had very interesting answers and analogies and in the process we got an insight into each other’s personalities.

Following this, we started as we usually do- “Positive Sharing”. We all talked about once incident that happened to us in the last few days that made us feel positive. The exercise was a great start to the meeting and set the tone well.

We then had an education session by Harish, who spoke about his acceptance journey- how he embarked on acceptance, initial apprehensions and hurdles, each step forward towards the acceptance journey and how it eventually helped to melt the iceberg. He also shared some funny experiences he had while practicing voluntary stuttering with his colleague.

After education, it was time for some speeches. In this speech sessions, we do speech projects (like toastmasters), but with different objects, more suited for stuttering. These projects are from the “Redefining Stuttering” e-book by John Harrison. Today Rajesh and Prajot had come prepared with their project 1- “Claim your space”.

Rajesh’s speech titled “Maid in India” was a laugh riot. His humorous speech was about how difficult it is to get a house maid in India and he talked about some really funny things that happen while hiring or when we hire a house maid. Hilarious!

After some laughs, it was time to gain some knowledge. Prajot’s speech on “Little known facts on Israel” highlighted some amazing and interesting facts on Israel that raised our eyebrows- from being a home to most IT start-ups to having unique technologies in warships. Prajot’s speech was very well researched.

After the speeches, we had a round of giving feedback, and everybody gave a short feedback to the speakers- strengths and areas of improvements. These feedback were purely about communication and NOT about stammering or advices on techniques or what one should do to “overcome” stammering.

Finally, we had an impromptu speaking session conducted by Vikas. Vikas gave us topics and we had to speak… Vikas gave challenging yet entertaining topics, one of which was- enacting a monologue about being in your first date.

And like we always do, we parted away making resolutions. As we concluded the meeting we also discussed about the upcoming National Conference in Khandala. All in all, the bottom line of today’s meeting was – “It’s all about having fun!”

Some more pics: 

Prajot delivering his speech
Dnyanesh giving a shot at impromptu speaking


sachin said...

Feedback on communication alone - is a very wise step. Yes, shg should be all about being creative and having LOTS of add LIFE to post. ThNks Everyone!

Kushal Batabyal said...

Great post.

Very evolved SHG meet.
Best wishes,