September 21, 2014

Bangalore SHG - 21/09/2014

Posting on behalf of Anupam
Hi Team,
         Today's session was all about breaking patterns and challenging the unknown. We had sunny morning in Namma Bengaluru and the Pws turned up in good strength and showed high enthusiasm. Many people had come after long gap and usual gang was happy to have them. Two new people Manoj and Ajay had come , we welcome them and hope to see them often our meetings. Naman our moderator was very well prepared.
We started with a simple yet unique approach of public speaking:Walk into the middle , get comfortable , look into the eyes of the audience and say your first name. We had to conncect with audience for atleat 30 seconds before saying our name.
Second excercise after this we had to tell our full name and about our native using bouncing technique. After this used prolongation technique and told about our work/education. Akash had some queries with respect to the bouncing techniques which were addressed by Naman, Pramod and others.
Thereafter we had extempore in random order as chosen by Naman. This was again very good activity in which we applied the three activities we did earlier. After this Manoj told us about his experience in McGuire progamme.He told us about the Coastal breathing technique in which person breathes from the diaphragm instead of abdomen.The idea behind this technique is that we cannot stop abdomen from contracting while speaking which induces stuttering , we instead breathe from our diaphragm. Later we discussed about our collaboration with NIMHANS and decided that we will go there and attend a few session before deciding on future course of action. 
  1. Anupam
  2. Dinesh
  3. Pramod
  4. Sharad
  5. Aruna
  6. Upasna
  7. Karthik
  8. Naman
  9. Manoj
  10. Ajay
  11. Sairam
  12. Avinaash
  13. Saravannan 
  14. Jayanth.


Tarak said...

Good to see the "Stammer Dog" resting :-)

Tanveer Khan said...

When is the next SHG meet in Bangalore?

Avinash Pandey said...

every sunday the meeting takes place at Cubbon park at 10 am in the morning