July 22, 2014


Friends, I received following note from Sergey, Banglore. In the confusion of many many techniques being thrown at us- with all good intentions, it is quite easy to forget- that most of our problem is inside us and therefore solutions could also exist within. While reading following account, please dont think that the author or TISA is saying that meditational practices could lead to cure. But there can be equally good, if not better outcomes, provided we are looking for them. I think, we should give place to some form of meditation (but longer than 5 minutes, please!) In our shg meetings.
.OK, here is the letter-
My name is Sergey, 59, I am from Ukraine and currently volunteer at a school in Bangalore.

I attend the meetings of local SHG and find this idea very helpful.

I have been stammering from my childhood and this might have been a
typical story but at some point in my life I began practicing Yoga,
then attended several Vipassana meditation courses (one of them in
India), stayed and studied in Buddhist monasteries in Sri Lanka and

After 5 years of regular practice of Yoga (asanas, pranayamas, kriyas)
and meditation I suddenly realized that my speech has become freer and
more fluent. I paid more attention to breathing (vocal) exercises and
now I speak almost clean in my native language but have some problems
with English because I never speak this language at home.

I have read your book and found it very helpful and practical. If only
I could have it 20 years ago!
I strongly believe in karma and fully agree with you that PWS must
cure not stammering but themselves as a whole. Actually stammering
should urge pws to develop spiritually.

May I offer an idea to discuss? What if to combine any existing reputable
meditation course (eg. Vipassana by Goenka) with a short workshop
designed specifically for pws? That is PWS to first attend a regular meditation
course and immediately after the course they undergo the intensive
training in Yoga, vocal technique, etc. I am willing to help in
conducting such a workshop.

Will you come to TISA conference in Pune?

OK, so we are planning a module, which combines both- communication techniques and psychological insights derived from a FIRST hand deep meditative experience for pws. Please write to us how you can connect, help or expect out of it..


Hemant Kumar 靈氣 said...

very good idea. now time has came when TISA should include some breathing and meditation techniques in their activities.
but tisa should decide these particular technique after thorough analysis on the basis of scientific research and result. like Sergey recovered after 5 yrs regular practice, some practices can give same result in one year. few Indian scientist are doing research with practiceners of almost all Indian spiritual organisation by crillion camera. and analysing result by practicener's aura. we can learn from their research also.

kumar kundan said...

Based on my experience of sadhna kendra ashram,it wud be a good idea to have
(A) 3 meditation session of 15 min each in the morning,noon and after sunset
(B)5min of conscious breathing,i.e.inhaling and exhaling with constant awareneas..this should be done individually by everyone after he has any speaking session
(C)A self suggestive sentence should be decided by PWS that could be chanted before start of any stage programme of the day..
Thank you..

rameshbabu ginela said...

He is absolutely correct.I myself cured my stammering upto 90 percent by attending vipassana course.It is very much useful, we get awareness within us by doing meditation.

Hemant Kumar 靈氣 said...

My suggestion is - Better to form a committee to set up a manual of breathing techniques & meditation useful for PWS. During TISA workshops & national conference, so many recovered PWS claimed that I joined this or that spiritual group and recovered , like m.k. peerabhai from mumbai by brahmavidya Vaidya, Virendra Shirse from pune by sahaj yoga , naresh Tejpal ji from chandigarh , sergey from banglore by vipasna, Sikandar & abhisekh from delhi by brahm kumari. Such people should come forward and should join committee. As they got fluency in more then 2-3 yrs as BY PRODUCT from breathing techniques and meditation ,some techniques can be searched which give more effective, quick and permanent result. Techniques should be explained in scientific way to convince pws

sachin said...

Good idea. Is a manual needed? Most often, people benefit by doing it over a period of time...like if you do 3-4 vipassna course one after another, you get into a position to know its effcts on you... These couses are already available for free. What needa to b done is- all the people you mentioned should write about the benefits on the blog frequently, so that pws get convinced...