July 22, 2014

Aura photography of PWS

I was practicing breathing exercises since 1.5 years and meditation techniques  since 4-5 years and observed improvement in health and mind level. I started to consider myself a great saint or spiritual person. Then I came to know about Aura photography and took my aura (electro-magnetic field) photo ( http://drudayshah.com/Portal/OnlineRequest/OnlineAura.aspx ). After getting my aura report by ultra-modern krillion camera, my prejudice shattered. I got that I was not stuck in speaking, but i stucked at many levels.

Relation Between Human Body and Energy according to Modern science:

Modern medical science claims that Human body is made of Cells. “Mitochondria” are known as power-house of cells as energy stored in Mitochondria. Now highly sensitive camera can trace energy in mitochondria but colour of energy is Not same in all persons…
 Why Colour different from person to person, what these Colour indicating in cell, how to use this knowledge, till now science could not decode it.
So western Science STOPPED here and spiritual science STARTS from here.
Great yogis were master of energy science. They were not only familiar about colour of negative and positive energy but also had deep knowledge that how negative energy destroys cells and positive energy heals, repairs, generates new cells

PWS Aura Report
My aura report was clearly indicating severe congestion of negative energy in neck portion , which is suppressing me to express feelings and emotions clearly. A dark red colour electro magnetic field overhead , which showing Vastu , past life and planetary defect. As it is in my electro-magnetic field , so it was attracting same Vastu defect houses and planetary issues.  Ultimately I came to know- "Problem is inside, not outside and without clearing inside problem, one can not change outer world".as per past life regression theory, till i will not clear these issue from my etheric (energy) body, it will not clear, even if i commit suicide to escape present situations, this energy body will be carry forward in next life and my same electro-magnetic field will again attract & generate same body and create same situations, which i have now.

As per my research, cause of stammering is due to low energy level either in body or mind or chakra or aura.

When energy level of BODY weak, breathing pattern gets abnormal or shallow , and stammering starts.

When energy level of MIND weak, PWS becomes over-sensitive toward speech or under fear or shame, stammering starts.

When energy level of CHAKRA weak, during answering roll call or at ticket counter, heart or naval chakra starts to oscillate fast, and stammering starts. If energy level of throat chakra weak, one can not produce voice carrying power.

When energy level of AURA weak, in the presence of any dominating person, PWS's aura get disturbs , with disturbance in electro magnetic field, current transmission in neurons also disturbs, and stammering starts.



For beginners,  advise  is -start yogic breathing exercise (Pranayam) daily. 
As like for power generation, water falls on turbine, turbine rotates and electricity produce and through wires it transmit , as per ancient yogic science , same mechanism is in our body. 
We inhale air, it falls on chakra (turbine) , chakra rotate , energy generates and transmit in whole body through nerves (wire). Pws breathing shallow, less air going, less energy generation, less transmission and whole system disturbed. By deep breathing (PRANAYAM) slowly slowly increase energy level. 

How to clear Blockage of Negative Energy

POSITIVE AFFIRMATION with intense visualization will invoke positive healing energy to enter in (energy) body and clear negative energy blockage

How ACCEPTANCE is useful
Without implementing ACCEPTANCE in daily life, a pws curse himself, his luck and fill his consciousness with negative emotions (fear, hatred, shame, guilt etc) , negative thoughts and negative emotions creates negative energy. Thus negative energy blockage is increasing, densifying day by day. And problem increased increase more as much pws grown since childhood


dr vijay singh said...

हेमन्त जी आपने बिलकुल सही कहा, में आप की बात से सहमत हु और जल्द ही इसके बारे मे detail मे लिखुगा

Hemant Kumar 靈氣 said...
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Hemant Kumar 靈氣 said...
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sachin said...

Yes, unless a beggar accepts who he is, why will he try to work hard and earn money? And good breathing is important... Actually pranayam turns our attention inwards, which again helps by making us aware of undesirable tension in different parts of body..
Good job Hemant..

Hemant Kumar 靈氣 said...

Thanks vijay ji,
but I was not expecting that anybody will understand it completely. Even I also came to know it just 2-3 months back.
Some more pws asked me through whatsapp or by call- how to increase energy level, how to clear negative energy blockage....
so I updated blog post for the benefit for all

Hemant Kumar 靈氣 said...

Thanks sachin sir,
yes , Without acceptance, neither one can do correct introspect , nor can work on his weaknesses

dr vijay singh said...

बहुत अच्छी वा ज्ञानवर्धक जानकारी

Anand said...

Hi Hemant Ji!

Such a great post with details in a scientific way....

Very helpful information.