February 28, 2014

Delhi SHG meetup on 2 March 2014.

location:Central park Delhi                Time :11:00am    Date :2/3/2014(Sunday)

Hi friends... this is Ashmeet Singh.
This Sunday we r meeting at Rajiv Chowk central park.On behalf of being the member of this association I am requesting all of u to come there so that we can get rid from this problem. In our meeting we do exercises and work on our communication skills. It is free of cost so we "The Indian Stammering Association" invites u all.
Contact persons
Aakashdeep - 8373904012
Ashmeet Singh - 9953636674


Amit Dixshit said...

Keep it up..Asmeet and Akashdeep..

Anonymous said...

great Amit Dixshit ji.........

sachin said...

Great Delhi group!
If anyone (for ex. Ashmit) wants author privileges to the blog, feel free to drop an email to info at stammer dot in.. We will be more than happy to help..