January 20, 2014

SHG Meeting At BHubaneswar

As per my experience SHG is the right place one(PWS) cane develop his communication.

All the PWS  near by bhubaneswar are invited for SHG Meet in Bhubaneswar. 

Details are as following:
Date and Day: 25/01/2014
Time: 09 A.M. Sharp
Venue: mukherjee park ,Vanivihar

Please feel free to call me @ 9439007600
Mail me : jitu.dhal@gmail.com


Abhilash Sahoo said...

Nice initiative brother......

sachin said...

Great idea, Jitu- Be patient, pws take time to warm up to a new idea.. Also share this notice on other forums like IPWS yahoo, Orkut, Facebook etc.