January 24, 2014

Bangalore SHG Jan 26, 2014 meeting invitation

Hi All,

Last week we had really inspiring and motivating session with Mr Tarak. My apologies for not able to post report. I'll try to compile good report and will post it asap. But yeah I'll be posting pics of our last meeting :)

Venue and time  - 10 AM to 1 PM in Cubbon Park.

Agenda - 

"You will be surprised to know that average PWS knows very little about his / her own stammering! All they know is the occasional strange reaction from their audiences." From Apna Hath Jagannath

This week we will be recording secondary symptoms of all participants. Video recording of our speech is best way to know our stammering. We will hand over video clips to all participants. This will help them in knowing and working on out stammering.

Please feel free to contact me at 95389 73341


sachin said...

Great! Smile when you review the video..Play with it and gradually overcome it..

vishal gupta said...

Amazing :) you people are doing gr8 JOB specially Karthik and Abhinav the pillar of bangalore SHG. but the main thing about pic is really awesome smile from each one :) meanwhile, Hello Tarak sir :) I still remember the story of stammerDog :)

jitu dhal said...

Missing u all dear in Odisha...

jitu dhal said...

Missing u all dear in Odisha...

Abhinav said...

Thanks all,

@Sachin, We had really great session today. I'll compile the report and publish it asap.

@Vishal, Every one plays role in making SHG meetings a success. Its collective effort from all members :)

@Jitu, Same here bro. Any plans to come to Bangalore? Btw did you start SHG there?