December 14, 2013

TISA Chennai Centre opened

Dear all,
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Dear All,
This is to inform you that The Indian Stammering Association (TISA) is an Association of Indian People Who Stammer (PWS).  Its purpose is to collect and disseminate relevant, correct and unbiased information for people who stammer their families, friends and society in general.  It is promoting a self help group movement where PWS learn to help each other and themselves.  TISA was launched formally in Mumbai on 13.4.2008. The Chennai chapter was inaugurated on 24.01.2009. There are about 20 such chapters functioning all over India at present. To view TISA activities, pl visit and and page in faceboook was also started The Indian stammering Association Chennai Centre.
The TISA Chennai centre was opened in a permanent building on 09.12.2013 in the following location.
1st floor,
19,Bharathi Avenue Ist street,
(off West canal bank road & Opposite to Koturpuram MRTS Rly station)
The Google link for the above location is given below.

This centre works between 5PM & 8PM from Monday to Thursday, Weekly meetings will be held on Sunday. Friday and Saturday are holidays.
The facilities available here are one hall where 25 persons can be easily accommodated for weekly meetings. There are two bedrooms each provided with a large mirror. These can be used by the People Who Stammer (PWS) for slow reading and slow speech practicing.
There is a writing board fixed on the wall and training will be given to PWS how to take class with the aid of above board so as to get rid of their shame and fear.
A computer with Internet facility is also available. Using this PWS will be video graphed and shown back to him so that he can able to eliminate the secondary symptoms and speak better. Many videos related to stammering will also be shown. Apart from this, training will be given how to give power point pretention to a group of audience.

Mock interviews will be conducted so that pws can easily attend interviews without any fear. Also speech therapy will be taught for the needy pws.
Apart from this, a small library is available where stammering related articles are available.
One time registration fee of Rs.100/ will be collected and no other fees / charges will be collected.
This is the best opportunity for the young PWS who are aspiring for higher studies, seeking better jobs, going abroad for higher studies and jobs, and those who are going to be married shortly.
Mr.Manimaran, in-charge for Chennai TISA centre can be contacted through mobile 098842 89989 and email ID

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