December 29, 2013

Organised anarchy model

I have been viewing Delhi events with great interest - one reason, I too am a very AAM aadmi and secondly, because I wrote an essay on India aagainst corruption movement sometime back as part of my online course on Organizational change. In this essay, I had to apply Garbage can theory {organised anarchy) model to our Indian scene. One year later,now I am seeing some very interesting developments along the lines of that essay. Here it is 


Dinesh said...

I have been also following Delhi very closely for last 6 months.
With all seriousness, I suggest that you submit your nomination to AAP to for a Loksabha seat.

MP like you would be an asset to the nation.

sachin said...

Dear Dinesh- I think we have already made an AAP government in stammering world after defeating quite a few heavyweights..But yes, our work is not over yet..
Hope you liked the essay..