December 23, 2013

Ideas for 2014..

Last week,
Karthik, Sairam, Avnish, Abhinav and Myself brainstormed on how to take the shg to the next level and make it more effective,
Following ideas emerged. We seek your feedback on this and after necessary tweaking and twisting these will be implemented.

SHG activities will be carried out in 3-month tenure. For each 3-month period,

·        Venue and Time are freezed  for 3 month duration.

·        A coordinator will volunteer to discharge the activities related to coordination for 3 months.

·        We meet weekly, 3-month duration amounts to 12 weeks. And each session is of 3 hours.

·        For 3 month duration, detailed syllabus will be drawn in advance! – Activities planned for each week in advance – For example on which dates we will discuss on Pausing, Slow Speaking, Bouncing, Vipassana, Brahma vidya, Toast Masters,  Communication, Seeking professional help etc etc.. will be decided before the commencement of 3 month period.

·        A clear guideline on steps to follow when a new PWS joins the group. Coordinator to do a formal induction (Why, What, How, TISA Etc) and assign a mentor to the PWS who will keep in touch with the new member and make him comfortable.

·         Coordinator will maintain Attendance Register to record the attendance for the tenure  and  will also keep a File tracking individual agendas. 
·        Approximately, 1 hour of planned activity and rest of the time for Sharing and meeting individual agenda.

·        Individual Agenda – Each Participant will share his goals for the 3 month duration. For example,

1.      How many classes he can attend in the given 3 month duration,

2.      How many talks(short-speeches) he would like to give,

3.      How many sessions he would like to coordinate,

4.      Does he want to practice reading aloud in every session

5.      Does he want to practice introduction every session or only occasionally.

6.      Any mock interview/ role play practice ?

7.      Inclination towards any technique etc etc

·        Coordinator will request individual agenda from each participant and will have mid-term review/assessment of it after 6 weeks.

·        At the end of the 6 weeks and at the end of 3 month duration, coordinator will rate/assess each participant’s performance/involvement on the agenda shared by him –

1.      Met Expectation.

2.      Exceeded Expectation

3.      Far Exceeded Expectation

4.      Did not meet Expectation.

·        At least once in the 3 month duration, SHG shall visit less privileged groups like Blind, Mute etc -
·        At the end of the 3 month period, formal feedback will be collected from participants and next coordinator will be chosen.

·        At the end of 3 months. There will be a break of 1 month!  – 4 weeks before we start the next 3 month cycle – During this period, new coordinator will collect individual agenda and set the syllabus for the upcoming 3 month cycle. This break can also be utilized by pws to plan other activities without the guilt of missing shg!!

Please share your feedback on this.



Satyendra said...

Excellent ideas! I think participants too will have to give out a clear commitment of 3 months (not the whole life- just 3 months!). A commitment to their own selves, in truth. Once this commitment and engagement is there, I am sure every one will benefit.

Once a participant completes a 3 month module, as specified, s/he may relax a little bit, be a mentor to others, start a virtual or a new SHG in their own area or office, explore other avenues of self-development etc..

Participants of the 3 month module could try "group journalling"- For this specific purpose, they could start a new collaborative private blog..etc. I think, (I need not say more about that, since I am dealing with IT Pros!)

Also to help the coordinator with photocopy, print outs etc., participants should contribute some small fee.

Congratulations Dinesh and the Team! You guys have come up with a comprehensive plan.. Let us begin the new year with new ideas and practices..

Nishil said...

Great Ideas Dinesh, let us make this happen - I already feel this new year will be a turnaround in all of our lifes and we will succeed.