September 10, 2013


Hello everyone,
My name is kumar kundan.I am a stutterer,21,from bihar pursuing btech in civil engineering from himachal pradesh.
During the last 3 years I have been trying to bring my stammering on my conscious level.needless to say path is not that straight as it seems when writing the blog....even i try to put everything what I experienced i wont be able to make justice.
being a student,I always chose to give my study the highest priority whenever it comes to anything.I always accepted the fact that I would not let my stuttering win by giving up in my attempts to better my speech day-by-day....Each day i want to become more mature,more confident,more happy person than I was a day before.
Based on my own experience i am in position to declare that we have enough techniques already that is more than enough to make us better communicator and take us towards more freer speech.
I would like to share with you something which is more than an achievement for me.

I made a 21 days Active plan for me,and i am happy to say,its my 23rd day of practice-

(1) I write at least 6 causes for which i should be happy include all the good things that happens that day.
(2)I make phone to someone to whom i can manage by telephone instead of meeting personally.
(3)I practice to see the bright sides of each happenings.for example:i use to complain about lack of good faculties in my college,but now i see it as the opportunity to focus on self-study.
(4)I practice reading aloud articles from newspapers or books for 10 mins 3 times a day.

Benefits that i got from that is I am becoming more confident each day,more calm than the day before.
Now I am really enjoying all that I do.
-kumar kundan


sachin said...

Coming form a 21 year old student, I think, this is one of the best posts so far: why?
1. It is not just encouraging you to "Think positive" "be positive" "Do this" " Do that"- BUT, shares what the writer actually did to help himself and leaves us free to emulate his example or not.
2. Author has followed a long term plan - and only THEN has shared his findings. This is a very scientific way of going about self help (instead of trying out something for 1-2 days and then declaring: Oh, my life is transformed!!
Oh, it is all useless- nothing works!)

Great! Kundan, keep sharing!

lalit said...

g8t kundal , good to know that ur enjoying in life, like the way u shared ur practice program , keep practicing and keep sharing so that we learn more ,thanks for sharing

Manimaran said...

Wonderful Kundan! You have already and correctly decided what are all the things to be done. simply stick on to it without an iota of doubt. success is not far away for you. All the best.