August 18, 2013

Program on Stammering on IBN-7

Program on Stammering was broadcasted on IBN-7 on 18.08.2013
here is link on youtube





sachin said...

Good attempt by IBN to highlight the issue. But the expert said that imitation and low confidence could be a cause of stammering- while he made no mention of "stuttering genes".. I was quite surprised. So many actors and others imitate stammering- do they all become stammerers?

Akash Acharya said...

Also the caption in Hindi which says stammering is a "habit" and not a "disease" is highly questionable.

sachin said...

Anyway- Hemant, your intentions were good; you wanted to share. It is just that Therapist who seemed so out of date! Not your fault..
Yes, Akash, it is amazing the kind of stuff we pws are expected to believe..

Hemant Kumar "हृदय" said...
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Hemant Kumar "हृदय" said...

we can give our feedback to IBN 7 Zindagi Live team on email id:

positive things were - PWS , who participated have a higher level of ACCEPTANCE. they have described problems of stammerers very well. their emotions were giving a deep impressions on audience. At least , it is spreading AWARENESS among public about stammering .