July 8, 2013

TISA....the HOPE

Hello Everyone,

It has been a month or so that I came to know about TISA.
It was a somewhat usual moment of hopelessness that I was fighting with. Yes an almost regular fight it was..!!
I was hopeless about my life, my future, my career, let alone my stammering.
I started browsing all over this glossy LCD screen in search of HOPE.
But hope that day spelt a bit different than usual.
TISA it was.

Article after article, I went through each one of them. With each passing piece of experience that I read, I could find a bit of me explained, a bit of me explored, a bit of me accepted. I felt happy.
When I read articles that described what school is for a PWS, I had moist eyes. School is the toughest battleground for a PWS, as it was for me. You have to stand for a thing that is happening to you. You have make others accept it, when the ground reality is that you yourself are totally unaware of this alien speech.
I am one of those people who find it better to cut off from conversations that have the words school, friends, enjoyment and the likes. I have nothing happy to share about them since all I remember about those utterly stressful days is the fear--- that I could be made to read the text book in the next class, the embarrassment--- that not answering the roll call could cause me, the thirst for water that I will have to bear since it would impossible for me to seek permission from the teacher to drink water, and a lot others that almost all of you are aware of.
School was nothing but BAD.
College was the next happening.
Roll calls again continued to haunt me. It was rather worse, for now in a day I had to face at least 5-6 of them.
But something unexpected happened during this phase.
A series of incidences instilled confidence in me.
It was not magic and I didn't stop stammering.
I understood my ciphered language; I understood myself and accepted myself whole-heartedly.
I began to love myself, and that, I think, was the key force that ruptured the cocoon and caused my emergence as an individual.
During that particular point of time Kaminey released.
It was this movie that forced me to think about myself and about the fact that I stammer. Today I don’t even clearly remember the storyline, but the effect that the movie caused, is clear as crystal.
I cried day in day out. I wanted to be understood, but I didn't have the tool to do so.
With almost nothing at my disposal...I began writing.
I wrote and wrote and wrote all that I had in mind. One of my friends saw me doing this and wished to know what caused me so much grief. I made her read all that. She was touched and motivated me to keep going.
It was that day, that I befriended writing and promised to keep writing my heart out till eternity.
After college I faced many interviews that I failed at, and this made me weak, yet again. But I managed to recollect after each rejection that I faced and I will continue to until I reach the pinnacle of success.
For it has rightly been said
 "What doesn't kills you, makes you stronger"
Stammering might have been a disadvantage at some point of time, but it is stammering that has made me the person that I am, and I am proud to be myself.
And yes People, I feel proud to be one amongst the rare, approximately 1%, of the world population who stammer. I feel special, not underprivileged. On the contrary, at times I find, being a strammerer "something cool" and worth flaunting ;)
Remember the King who stammered (Ref. Oscar winning movie- "The King's Speech"), Rowan Atkinson (Ref. Mr. Bean), Hrithik Roshan, and other “n” number of people who stammered, all of them went beyond the self and the socially imposed inhibition. With all the dedication and efforts they were able to shed the burden that came along with all the inhibitions and stammering, carved a niche for themselves, which brought them success, respect and most of all satisfaction. If they could do it, so can I, so can you.
I still worry about the fact that I stammer, it is still there and will remain so...but I am happy about the fact that I am a person confident enough to face myself and stammering.
TISA is that one special place where I don't feel the need to make people understand. I feel accepted. Now that I have found TISA....aka HOPE....I realize that had I been associated with it a few years back...I would have had a different life with respect to a certain things. But as they say, better late than never, I feel blessed to be here.
TISA motivates me to find the school girl back, who lost the joy of her school days for the lack of awareness.
TISA inspires me to appreciate the person that I am.
Happy to be here and share this incomplete story, for the pinnacle still waits to be annexed.


Joy deep Majumder said...
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Joy deep Majumder said...
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Joy deep Majumder said...

@Priya..as you wait for few comments to appear against your post..and dont see them coming..beleive many arent posting yet..because they are still awestruck by your brave attitude..just like i was..:)

This post supremely qualifies to be read out by YOU in inspirational speech forums..

Way to go lady !!

Priya said...

thank you joy....
I feel elated to be appreciated....that too way beyond than I expected...
The word "inspirational" associated with this minor effort, resolves its purpose...and I can only thank you for that.. :)

प्रभु ! कृपा हि केवलम् said...

thanks priya for sharing your experience . By your experience , some other PWS will get inspiration.

Priya said...

thank you hemant :)

Satyendra said...

Wow! You have captured the spirit of TISA so well! Would you care to be TISA's brand ambassador and go places?
OK- you have confirmed by belief that acceptance lies within us- innate to us- and "Cure" and "therapy" is something external, often thrust upon us..
Keep writing till eternity..

Priya said...

Sachin Sir,
Being a brand ambassador for TISA...is an honour and a responsibility, which should righteously be handled and accepted by a person far more experienced than me. But I being considered for this...makes me more than honoured. Thank you :)
Even if I don't consider myself apt enough for this, I can be a part of awareness campaings and contribute as much as I can, under able guidance.
With respect to the same, if there exists a SHG at Dehradun I would like to be associated with it.
Thank you sir, for all the appreciation :)

Satyendra said...

In Herbertpur (35 km from Dehradun), we meet most Sundays..You are welcome anytime..

Priya said...

If I am able to make time out of my weekend classes, I would for sure be there :)

Amol said...


Rajesh, Hyderabad said...

Great posting to get recharged..
I am feeling happy while reading it and even i felt hope and confidence after knowing TISA and being a part of it.
TISA invokes the hidden talent in you and enlightens it with magic...
The reason behind all this is love towards each other in our community and helping hands from everyone...
TISA is a giant tree giving shade to many family members !
Thanks to all members for their support in making our community stronger day by day and spl thanks to Sachin ji for great initiative.

Manimaran said...

Priya, I think God is very kind on you as you came to know about TISA at this young age which took me 55 years to understand what is stammering.
Yes...You are right....Without stammering we may not be the same persons what WE are now.
My friends, relatives and colleagues used to tell me that I am very lovable, helpful,soft spoken and friendly moving person and always asks me about the secret of this?.
Now I found out the secrete. Yes, it is my STAMMERING!. Without stammering, I would not be a same person like what I am now. Without stammering I would not met such an excellent human being in my entire life by the name called DR.SACHIN. Without stammering I would not have so many lovely and helping TISA friends all over India. Many thanks to my stammering for making my life so wonderful, meaningful and also purposeful.
Thanks Priya for posting a very thought provoking one...Keep writing like this and help other pws.

Priya said...

thank you Amol and Rajesh sir... :)
I am glad that you could connect...!

Thank you Manimaran Sir...With all your blessings...I hope to be as good a person as you..:)

Amitsingh Kushwah said...

thanks priya. nice post.