July 21, 2013

News at Hyderabad SHG Meetup 21 July 2013

Scientists say that the reasons for stammering are not exactly known as of now but if we see the patterns in all the research papers we see the probable reasons mentioned would have common list like improper breathing patterns, fear of stammering and of course the buzz word "Stammering  Genes" :)
We as a PWS could just wait for the real reasons to come up patiently but can we tally ourselves on how much extent we are able to control on what we can really control upon and just keep at peace on things which we can't control?
Can we stop complaining ourselves internally about stammering, feeling bad if we stammer ?
Leave about stammering Gene, take other parameters which could be controlled like improper breathing patterns and fear.
Know about how sound is produced from Human body, experiment yourselves and you will understand how sufficient amount of breathing will do miracles to you !
For loosing fear just face the fear ! there is no other remedy but only thing is change the context in which you see yourself while facing fear. How can we do that ? :) Keep your mind's mode in testing mode rather than in single attempt mode, If you stammer in any situation just consider this is another opportunity to understand more about you while you are stammering,  be at peace and understand what you can do in the situation rather than rushing your way. The experimental results will be helpful to tackle the situation in future !
If you just see the situation as an experimental level and not like a actual perspective level you will realize that the later one might make us tense but former one will make you test and makes your mind to prepare for any kind of test results i.e even you stammer your feeling bad factor will decrease to a great extent.
This is better achieved by Voluntary Stuttering concept !
We might think that we would have achieved big if we are not a PWS ! Is this true in the context of Einstein, Isac Newton, Aristotle etc...who have excelled in their respective fields and never came down from the top list till date. They are remembered till now not because they stammer but because of their dedicated work and master piece. So lets become strong in things which we can control ! Ultimately we need to excel in life, the limitations which you see around is the limitations which you have fixed to yourself. Just come out and check out the beautiful world around us with unlimited opportunities showering now and then.
SHGs are beautiful place where we can churn out miracles from nothing in hand, the only thing which we need is dedication and self motivation.
Always march towards your goals and don't underestimate your talents. Bring them up which you already have.

SHG meetup report:
We were 6 members today for meetup i.e 1.Mahipal 2.Lallayya 3.Rajesh 4.Mahesh 5.Ramandith Singh(new) 6.Raju(new)
Ramandith is a businessman  and Raju is a civil services aspirant.
Activities in meetup:
2.Introduction round
3.Slow speaking
4.Story telling by every member 
6.Importance of slow speaking, diaphragmatic breathing and facing fear discussion.
We couldn't go with prepared speeches for some reasons but next week we will have them !
Together We Step Up and Together We Succeed !

Rajesh V
96 76 82 0007


sachin said...

Yes- I agree- what causes stammering can be left for "experts"- For us, it is enough to know that there is a way out- which does not depend on costly surgery or equipment: just needs a little courage and lateral thinking..
Hyd SHG is doing very well along these lines..

Amitsingh Kushwah said...

good post.

Rajesh V said...

@Sachin ji - Thank you so much for the support.
The courage we get in SHGs is invaluable gift.

@Amit ji - Thank you.

Regards !

Dinesh said...

Good work Rajesh! Keep going..

Rajesh V said...

@Dinesh Bro- thank you..